The Rain Fell – WIP update

Yes, I am uploading a stitching picture. YAY!
First I want to thank Diane Williams for her wonderful designs. I sit down with them and I just can’t stop stitching. This one is a special favorite though. I just don’t want to stop stitching it. So here is how it is as of today. I am about to sit down and stitch a little more though 🙂

The Rain Fell
The Rain Fell – Little House Needleworks
Threads & Fabric – recommended

I have done all of the black on top but it is on my q-snap so I didn’t want to take it out. Next time I will show you the whole thing 🙂 I have decided to go with the Light Mocha Belfast for Little House Neighborhood. Thanks to everyone who helped me to make up my mind! It really helped a lot! I have been playing with the threads and fabrics a lot and I am pretty sure that this project will look amazing on the Light Mocha.

Karítas is feeling better and better. I will keep her home tomorrow though, and then she might be ready to go to play school. I have to go to work tomorrow though, so my great wonderful best cousin Bjarki is staying home with her. She adores him and he adores her, so they should have tons of fun! I have next week off from work (summer vacation) so I hope the weather will be nice since me and Bjarki are thinking about going camping with my daughters.


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5 responses to “The Rain Fell – WIP update

  1. I love this pattern! It is looking great!

  2. It is looking wonderful, and I am glad that your daughter is feeling better the poor thing.

  3. Lovely project! I’m glad that your daughter is better.

  4. Love the fabric you have used. xx

  5. Loving your progress. I am glad to hear that Karítas is feeling better.

    I must confess… every time you have talked of your cousin Bjarki in your blog, I thought you were speaking of a girl! 🙂 Oops! Sorry, Bjarki!

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