Stashy Heaven!

I had *almost* forgotten about ordering this one. I pre-ordered from The Silver Needle when I first saw it advertised because I absolutely fell in love with it. And since I have already stitched and finished her other Dragonfly Scissor Purse, I thought I just had to do this one.

I also got two Needle Roll Kits from Shepherd’s Bush that I have been wanting for a long time.
Folk Heart Roll and Antique Heart Roll by Shepherd’s Bush

Now. On to the pictures of all the silky sparkly goodness! I’ll just leave you with the pictures. I am going to take a looooong hoooooot shower and open a cold beer and sit down and stitch. I am very close to finishing ‘The Rain Fell’ and will probably finish it tonight. I have a long stitching weekend ahead of me 🙂

The whole caboodle!
The box that the silk floss came in
Close up of dragonfly charms
Silks, charms, beads and embellishments

Gilded Dragonfly Scissor Purse & Fob Kit – Limited Edition by Just Nan


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10 responses to “Stashy Heaven!

  1. Wow, Just Nan is magic, I’m dumbfounded what a beauty 🙂 And the rolls are so delicate. Have a pleasure with working on them.

  2. Þetta er geggjað. Ég ætla að kaupa svona kit úti.

  3. I wish you hadn’t shown Dragonfly to me. Now I will have to have one of these too!

  4. wow this purse is so beautiful and the butterfly charms!!! I’m looking forward to seeing your progress on this piece…

  5. Just Nan purse is amazing, but the rolls will be just fantastic! I also love Shepherd’s Tree’s designs, especially their rolls. Have a nice stitching time!

  6. OMG hvað þetta er fallegt. Erla blikk blikk ef þú finnur svona úti.

  7. What pretty needleroll kits!

  8. Sue

    OOOOhhhhh, lovely stash, especially the dragonfly one, the colors are gorgeous.

  9. So pretty!
    I can’t wait to get mine 🙂

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