First Strawberry Emery

When I saw this design in the July Issue of The Gift Of Stitching I knew I had to stitch it and try that finishing technique. I started and finished it last night and it is really easy and a lot of fun!

Strawberry Emery
Designed by Anita Diamond, from the July 2008 Issue of TGOS.
Fabric: Unmarked 28ct Gray linen from my stash
Thread: Needle Necessities #153
Black beads

When I saw the design I fell in love with it but I wanted to play around with colors of my own choise. When I was messing around with threads and fabric, this combination just jumped at me and I think it looks pretty good. A little dark and different. And I absolutely love the black ribbon I found yesterday while browsing for just the right ribbons for it.

I think I found a place yesterday that sells a tool simular to the one Becky bought for attaching eyelets. I really want to make floss ring tags so I need some sort of tool for it. I am going to drive up there today and see if they have what I am looking for.


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25 responses to “First Strawberry Emery

  1. I want to stitch that one, too 🙂 Yours looks great.

    Let me know if you can’t find the tool. I can pick one up for you like the one Becky has.

  2. Virkilega flott og litirnir koma flott út!

  3. Very nice strawberry, well done!

  4. That looks so beautiful!! I’ve had my eye on that design and finish just like you, and seeing yours makes my fingers itch all the more!!

  5. Jóna

    Æðislega sætt og flott að taka myndina á steinunum :o)

  6. That’s so pretty. Love your color choices!

  7. Beautiful emery : ) Great job on the stitching & finishing. Anita is quite a talented designer!

  8. Beautiful finish Linda.

    Thank you so much for offering to send me a postcard from Iceland. I would love one please as I’m sure I don’t have any from there.

  9. Gorgeous!! Love the colors you chose for it!

  10. Kate - UK

    Simply stunning Linda – beautiful choice of colours and the ribbon is a perfect match. Congrats on another lovely finish.

  11. Beautiful job! You did good work on the color conversion.

  12. Vá hvað þetta er mikið krútt og æðislegur litur sem þú valdir.

  13. Geggjað flott þetta … þú ert snillingur í að finna efni og garn sem passar saman.

  14. It looks great! I love it!

  15. It’s awesome! Okay if you can do it I can do.

  16. Hi Linda,
    your strawberry is so delicate & elegant! 🙂

    i love the colours chosen for the beads, threads,ribbons, all just matches so well!

  17. Sandy Borjes

    You did a wonderful job.



  18. Very Pretty! You did a great job.

  19. It’s just perfect! Everything is in place – ribbon, beads, floss… I love your choice of colours!

  20. Very, very pretty,I love it!

  21. Your blog is awesome!!! You did such wonderful stitched pieces… and your daughter is so cute!!!
    I’ve stitched like you my first strawberry emery during this days!!! And I posted it the very same day you did!! And guess what happened… we stitched a strawberry designed by the same designer!!! What a coincidence!!!
    Anita… she’s a lovely friend of mine…
    BTW, your piece is awesome: I love colors, so Halloweenish 😀
    Glad to have find your blog; I’ll be here often!
    Claudia 🙂

  22. Fantastic! That is so pretty and your photo of it is just as perfect.


  23. Wonderful! Great fabric and thread colour choice.

  24. Just delicious – the black ribbon finished it off beautifully.

  25. Me again. 🙂
    i have you on my list for a Kreativ Blogger Award.

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