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Little House Neighborhood – FINISHED!

I did it! I just finished this piece about 15 minutes ago! I must admit, it was almost difficult to finish it. I have enjoyed stitching this piece so much that I almost did not want to finish it. But I did and here are some pictures. I had to take them with flash since it is almost midnight, but I am going to try to get better shots and some close ups tomorrow if the brightness will be enough and if it will not be raining like it has been lately.

Little House Neighborhood finished
Little House Neighborhood by Diane Williams, Little House Needleworks
Fabric: 32ct Light Mocha Belfast
Threads: DMC, Crescent Colors and GAST
Started July 21st 2008 – Finished August 30th 2008

Little House Neighborhood finished

The text was changed out for a line in an Icelandic kids song. It says ‘Ein ég sit og sauma, inni í litlu húsi’ and that would translate to ‘Alone I sit and stitch, inside a little house’. It is a song that is very dear to me and has been for as long as I can remember. I decided that I wanted to change some elements of the design and bring it a little closer to home so to speak, make it a little more Icelandic. So that is why I changed the squirrels out for a cat and a bee since we do not have squirrels here. I decided not to stitch the white star on the blue house as I thought it looked a little too American. And I decided to stitch the houses in over-dyes to get the look of painted houses, or the houses here in Iceland (especially in the city center) who have corrugated iron on them. And the final touch was the changing of the words. And since I decided not to stitch the women on the original design, but send them inside stitching, this lyric seemed perfect for my piece. I am so in love with it. Now to go to my framers and find the perfect frame for it!


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SBEBB Biscornu Exchange for Mylene

Mylene just e-mailed me and told me that she got the exchange I sent her for the SBEBB biscornu exchange. I loved doing this one and it turned out so cute! I also sent her some fabrics, floss rings and other stuff. More photos on my flickr account.
Design: Periphaeria Designs – Sweet Biscornu, from TGOS Magazine, July 2007 issue.
Threads: Vikki Clayton silk, Garnet
Fabric: 32ct Days Gone By from Silkweavers
Stitched by Linda LitlaSkvís
Stitched for Mylene
I have had an incredible birthday today! Thank you everyone for the well wishes, birthday cards, e-mails, gifts, comments and everything! I will write more about my birthday when I get the chance, now it is time for dinner!


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I celebrated my birthday early with my stitching group Allt í Kross last night. What a fantastic night it was! About 22 people showed up! That was incredible! I was so happy to have so many talented ladies together in my tiny place. I had a great time and I was showered with incredible gifts! I don’t know how I can ever thank them. The group all got together and gave me this incredible PINK money tree!

Me with my money tree!
Yes, it is decorated with folded money!
Money tree

I have no clue how much is on there, and honestly don’t really care! I don’t know how I am going to bring myself to take the money off, it is just so cool!
I got lots of other gifts and took some pictures and you can see all of them here. I got jewelry, silk floss, Barbapapa themed stuff and other things. Check out the pictures!

And as promised, here is a picture of my Little House Neighborhood.
Little House Neighborhood
Little House Neighborhood
The fourth house was stitched with GAST threads Wood Smoke and Sable. I love how it turned out.

Now I have to finish cleaning up after the party last night, and bake a cake to bring to work tomorrow for my big day! Thanks, from the bottom of my heart to everyone who showed up last night, and to the ones who didn’t make it. You girls make our group very special. Love you guys!


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I am back!

I had such a great weekend away with my friends from my stitching group. We drove up there (about 2 hour drive) after work on Friday and came home around 5pm today. We had a weekend full of stitching, laughing, stash fondling, floss choices, eating, lounging in the hot tub, photographing, sleeping and relaxing. It was just wonderful.

The group
The group, from left to right: Rósa, Guðbjörg, Sissú, Erla Björk and Aisté.


I worked on Little House Neighborhood the whole time I was there. I took this photo on Saturday around 5pm or so. I have done loads more since then but I didn’t quite manage to finish it. The whole thing is stitched except for the leaves on the boarder and the words. I decided that I am going to use a line from an Icelandic kids song instead of the original text since I want my piece to be a bit more Icelandic 🙂

Little House Neighborhood

Now I have to finish cleaning my house because tomorrow my stitching group is coming over to celebrate my birthday. Thanks girls for a great weekend! I feel so refreshed!


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For Tracy and Ron.

As I have said before, I sent my first Floss Ring Tag to my friend Tracy since she was so sweet to me to go and get me that eyelet setter tool. Along with the Floss Ring Tag, I sent this country bow that I stitched sometime in 2003 I think. She and her husband Ron have a sunflower theme in their kitchen, so I thought this would be perfect for them.

Country Bow
Designed by Debbie Mum
Kit from Dimensions

I had sent them another sunflower themed housewarming gift when they moved into their new house in 2006, this kitchen towell, so I thought why not add to the sunflower glory?

Happy that you like your gifts Tracy and Ron. Love you guys!

I will be going away this weekend with some stitching friends. I can’t wait! I plan on finishing my Little House Neighborhood while away, and maybe even Ladybugs and Bumblebees by CCN also!


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The ABC-s of me (because I have no stitching to show)

A – Available or single?:
B – Best Friend?:
Thankfully I have many many friends, and many best friends.
C – Cake or pie?:
D – Drink of choice?:
Mojito please!
E – Essential item I use every day:
F – Favorite color?:
Pink, red and black.
G – Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms?:
Is there a difference?
H – Hometown?:
Reykjavík Iceland
I – Indulgence?:
Increasing my stash and a good bottle of wine
J – January or February?:
Eugh, either. Both are dark and long and cold and just miserable up here!
K – Kids and names?:
Two daughters, Sumarrós and Karítas.
M – Marriage date?:
Never been married
N – Number of siblings?:
Two sisters, Gyða age 25 and Fanney age 21
O – Oranges or apples:
I prefer sour oranges or green apples
P – Phobias or fears?:
I fear that my children might die before I do.
Q – Favorite quote:
I am not a fan of quotes.
R – Reasons to smile:
My daughters and the kindness and wisdom of my mother
S – Season:
Summer please!
T – Tag 3 or 4 people:
U – Unknown fact about me:
Hmmm. Ask me something 🙂
V – Vegetable you don’t like:
Tomato. But I guess that is a fruit right? Hmm. I love vegetables so I can’t think of anything.
W – Worst habit:
Biting my nails and sometimes being to kind to people that then turn around and treat me badly.
X – X-Rays?:
The last one was of my foot.
Y – Your favorite food?:
Sushi, Sushi, Sushi and more sushi. Oh, and everything that my mom makes!
Z – Zodiac sign?:
Virgo. Not your typical one though. You should see my house, it is a mess!

Almost done with the biscornu! Wooop!


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Birthday gift from Tracy

Well, my birthday isn’t until August 27th (I am turning 30, eeeek!) but my friend Tracy wanted to be sure that I would get my birthday gift in time for my birthday since packages sometimes take a while in the mail from the US to here up north. I got notice from the Post Office today and during my lunch break I went and picked it up! Oh wow! She got me ‘Peacock Chair’ from The Cat’s Whiskers Design Studio from my wish list. I absolutely love it! Thanks so much Tracy and Ron (her fantastic hubby)! I hope you are having a good time in Dallas!

Not much stitching going on. I have been going through some rough personal stuff that has taken its toll on me, but I am slowly getting back to the swing of things. Work has helped by being as busy at it has been. I have been working on an exchange so I have no pictures to share at the moment. I should be able to finish the exchange piece tonight or tomorrow, and then I am going to get back to working on Little House Neighborhood. I have really missed stitching that piece!

My girls are finally home and things are getting back into routine. Sumarrós starts school again on August 22nd and Karítas is already back at play school. She was so happy to go back 🙂

I hope you all have a great weekend!


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Third update!

I am really getting a lot done on this piece! I love love love how it is turning out. Here is a picture of the whole thing as of today. The picture is a little dark even though I took it outside. It is overcast here today and has been raining on and off.

Little House Neighborhood WIP
Brown house stitched with CC – Bramble Bush
Red house stitched with CC – Wild Berries
Blue house stitched with CC – Milady’s Teal

I finally decided what I wanted to change around in the top panel and here are some snapshots.

Top left with changes

I changed the woman and basket out for a birdhouse, the one that is on the chart of ‘Reading’ from the Little Woman series. I had to change it a little, but I think it turned out cute. And instead of the squirrel I stitched a little cat.

Top right with changes

I changed the squirrel out for a bumble bee and moved the rooster closer to the tree and didn’t stitch the woman.

Now I need to take a short break from stitching this (it is going to be hard, it keeps calling my name! I even dream that I am stitching it! LOL!) as I have some exchange stitching to do!


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My first Floss Ring Tag!

Woop! I did it! With the help of my friend Guðbjörg who held my hand and comforted me while I fought my way through this! LOL!
Actually, I was going to whip stitch the two pieces together, but this fabric is NOT good for that because of the low count. I tried, but stopped after a few stitches and decided to find another way. I am quite happy with the result and I must say I love my new tool! I decided that this first Floss Ring Tag would be a gift for my friend Tracy, because thanks to her I have the pliers and the eyelets! So thank you again Tracy!

Floss Ring Tag
Pattern: Friendship Grows – freebie from Lizzie*Kate
Fabric: 20ct Lilac Tula (stitched two over one)
Threads: Weeks Dye Works

I decided to change the colors of this pattern to fulfill Tracy’s purple passion! Hope you like it honey!


I spent today putting up bookshelves in my daughters bedroom. Finally! My dad came over and drilled the holes in the walls for the shelves and then me and my mom cleaned and packed down old clothes that my girls have grown out of. Then put books in the shelves and did some re-arranging in the bedroom. My bedroom is now a mess because of it, but hey, it will be fine in a couple of days. I need to go to IKEA to be able to continue. There are plenty of more clothes to be packed and then I am going to donate most of it to the Red Cross or some other charity.

New bookshelves for daughters bedroom

I took some snapshots today of some random things and off course of my adorable daughters 🙂

String doll made by Sumarrós


Christmas stamps



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A little help?

I was browsing blogs today and I trying to catch up on my blog reading since it has been neglected lately because of work and the fact that I have rather wanted to spend my time actually stitching than reading about stitching, even though I do enjoy both acts 🙂

Anyway, I was looking at a blog and it showed a picture of a gorgeous Neighborhood Round Robin that had all the houses stitched side by side on a long piece of fabric. It was gorgeous and I remember drooling, passing out and when I came back to my senses I was so confused that I forgot to bookmark the site and wandered around blogspace. Do any of you know where I can possibly find that picture of that gorgeous piece of RR again?

**note – some portions of this story have been slightly altered for entertainment value**


Thanks Karen for pointing me to the right dirrection! It was a post on Wendy’s blog with Bine’s beautiful Neighborhood Round Robin. Check it out here! All I can say is WOW!


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A wonderful gift and more of my Neighborhood

I was whining in one of my yahoo groups about the cost of eyelet setters here in Iceland (the cheapest one I could find was about $45) and my friend Tracy offered to pick one up from me and mail it my way. I just got back from the PO where I picked up the package. She didn’t stop with the tool itself, but also included 100 extra eyelets and 9 pieces of fabric! Most of them silkweaver solos! They are all so beautiful!

Gift from Tracy

I know what I will be making this weekend, floss ring tags, and anything else that I can use my new cool tool for! Thank you so much Tracy! Love ya girl!

The only thing I have been stitching on lately is my Little House Neighborood. I just love working on it and it is such a joy to stitch. I have made some nice progress too!
Little House Neighborhood - WIP update
Here is a close up of the first house I finished, stitched with Crescent Colors ‘Bramble Bush’.
First house
I really like how it turned out with that floss. I stitched it up and down and really like the effect that makes. Makes the house look more ‘wood’ to me.
And I started the red house. I decided to go with Crescent Colors ‘Wild Berries’ for that one and am very happy with that color as a substitute. I am also stitching this one up and down.
Second House

This weekend is the biggest travelling weekend of the year here in Iceland. I on the other hand am not going anywhere and am going to enjoy the nearly empty city with my daughters and do something fun. The weather is supposed to be wonderful so we will probably spend a lot of time outside and hopefully go swimming.


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