A wonderful gift and more of my Neighborhood

I was whining in one of my yahoo groups about the cost of eyelet setters here in Iceland (the cheapest one I could find was about $45) and my friend Tracy offered to pick one up from me and mail it my way. I just got back from the PO where I picked up the package. She didn’t stop with the tool itself, but also included 100 extra eyelets and 9 pieces of fabric! Most of them silkweaver solos! They are all so beautiful!

Gift from Tracy

I know what I will be making this weekend, floss ring tags, and anything else that I can use my new cool tool for! Thank you so much Tracy! Love ya girl!

The only thing I have been stitching on lately is my Little House Neighborood. I just love working on it and it is such a joy to stitch. I have made some nice progress too!
Little House Neighborhood - WIP update
Here is a close up of the first house I finished, stitched with Crescent Colors ‘Bramble Bush’.
First house
I really like how it turned out with that floss. I stitched it up and down and really like the effect that makes. Makes the house look more ‘wood’ to me.
And I started the red house. I decided to go with Crescent Colors ‘Wild Berries’ for that one and am very happy with that color as a substitute. I am also stitching this one up and down.
Second House

This weekend is the biggest travelling weekend of the year here in Iceland. I on the other hand am not going anywhere and am going to enjoy the nearly empty city with my daughters and do something fun. The weather is supposed to be wonderful so we will probably spend a lot of time outside and hopefully go swimming.


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15 responses to “A wonderful gift and more of my Neighborhood

  1. Why is it the biggest traveling weekend? What’s going on? In the U.S. the biggest traveling weekend is the fourth Thursday in November–Thanksgiving. It’s a time when people really want to be with their families and everyone leaves on Wednesday and comes back Sunday. It’s a nightmare!

  2. Wow, the houses are great, really beautiful colors. Have a good weekend 🙂

  3. Wonderful gift 🙂 – I especially like blue and green colours.
    And your LHN is moving forward so fast!

  4. loreta

    I am at my sisters right now and looking at your little house…my sister is helping to write this long text to you …anyway I want to tell you that it looks so nice your little house , we just can imagine you live in almost in the similar one… Iceland is the country we can dream about to visit …..may be one day ….have a nice wekend and enjoy yourself

  5. Irene

    Looks fantastic, great colors.

  6. That’s so nice for your friend to send you all of those goodies. Your LHN neighborhood looks great. Keep up the great work. I can’t wait to see your next progress picture.

  7. What a wonderful friend you have in Tracy! Want to share her, lol? I love your Crescent conversion on the Neighborhood. The colors and the “up and down” stitching is perfect!

  8. Valda

    I love the colors that you are using for your houses. They both look really great!

  9. Love your neighborhood, it’s coming along nicely!! Suzanne

  10. L

    Lovely neighborhood!! So nice to receive a box of goodies : )

  11. Vá hvað þetta er orðið flott. Ég var að versla þetta munstur í gær og langar að byrja strax á því. Það heillar mig soldið að kaupa handlitað garn í húsin. Það er einhvern veginn miklu flottara.

  12. Great progress on LH Neighborhood, love your color conversion 🙂

  13. How sweet of your friend to send you such a wonderful gift!!

  14. Wonderful gift!!! I love Silkweaver fabrics, they always have such wonderful colors.
    Nice effects for your houses! You did the right thing stitching vertically with overdyed threads. The final look is awesome.

  15. What a wonderful friend Tracy is!!!
    I can’t wait to see your floss tags!
    Love the houses and the floss choices are perfect.
    Miss ya sweetie!

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