A little help?

I was browsing blogs today and I trying to catch up on my blog reading since it has been neglected lately because of work and the fact that I have rather wanted to spend my time actually stitching than reading about stitching, even though I do enjoy both acts 🙂

Anyway, I was looking at a blog and it showed a picture of a gorgeous Neighborhood Round Robin that had all the houses stitched side by side on a long piece of fabric. It was gorgeous and I remember drooling, passing out and when I came back to my senses I was so confused that I forgot to bookmark the site and wandered around blogspace. Do any of you know where I can possibly find that picture of that gorgeous piece of RR again?

**note – some portions of this story have been slightly altered for entertainment value**


Thanks Karen for pointing me to the right dirrection! It was a post on Wendy’s blog with Bine’s beautiful Neighborhood Round Robin. Check it out here! All I can say is WOW!


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3 responses to “A little help?

  1. gæti það verið þessi síða http://neighborhoodrrs.blogspot.com/ já ég er uppi á ókristilegum tíma Álfheiður Amý heldur að það sé kominn dagur.

    Eða þessi http://ourneighborhoodofmakebelieve.blogspot.com/

  2. KarenV

    I think it’s Bine’s RR and you can see the latest picture of it on Wendy’s blog here: http://wendyhomeatwork.blogspot.com/2008/07/sunflower-house-and-small-finish.html

    I love this one too, very clever idea!

  3. I loved that one too! I saved a picture of it for future reference, because I love how it’s laid out.

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