Third update!

I am really getting a lot done on this piece! I love love love how it is turning out. Here is a picture of the whole thing as of today. The picture is a little dark even though I took it outside. It is overcast here today and has been raining on and off.

Little House Neighborhood WIP
Brown house stitched with CC – Bramble Bush
Red house stitched with CC – Wild Berries
Blue house stitched with CC – Milady’s Teal

I finally decided what I wanted to change around in the top panel and here are some snapshots.

Top left with changes

I changed the woman and basket out for a birdhouse, the one that is on the chart of ‘Reading’ from the Little Woman series. I had to change it a little, but I think it turned out cute. And instead of the squirrel I stitched a little cat.

Top right with changes

I changed the squirrel out for a bumble bee and moved the rooster closer to the tree and didn’t stitch the woman.

Now I need to take a short break from stitching this (it is going to be hard, it keeps calling my name! I even dream that I am stitching it! LOL!) as I have some exchange stitching to do!


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22 responses to “Third update!

  1. This looks amazing! Keep on stitching! 🙂

  2. I love the changes you’ve made to the design. Looks perfect. I’ll be making quite a number of changes to mine as well. Look forward to more progress on yours.

  3. Kathy K

    Excellent progress. My you stitch quick. I LOVE the birdhouse and kitty that you added.

  4. Linda, I can’t get my eyes of your work, everytime it looks more and more beautiful!

  5. Too Cute! I love the changes, they look wonderful. :o)

  6. icelandmom

    I just love watching your progress on this project Linda. And your changes look great. I’ll be looking forward to seeing some more.

  7. I love your changes. It’s looking great so far.

  8. It looks great! I love your changes and I can’t wait to see it in person.
    See you soon sweetie!

  9. Your changes are so great, Linda. They fit so well with the design. The birdhouse is my special favorite!

  10. I love the result! The cat is just so cute! And the colours of the houses…

  11. The changes you have made are lovely – can’t wait to see what you do with the rest! Don’t stop.

  12. It’s coming along beautifully!

  13. The birdhouse, cat & the bee.

  14. Progressing beautifully Linda!
    I love the changes and ideas you make to your neighborhood!

  15. I love the changes you have made Linda. Your neighbourhood is coming along beautifully.

  16. Þú ert algjör snillingur Linda. Þetta kemur rosalega vel út. Hlakka mikið til að sjá meira.

  17. Esta quedando muy bonito saludos desde España!!

  18. It’s looking beautiful, you’ve been busy stitching! I like your changes too.

  19. Jody

    I love the colors of your houses Linda! Great work and look forward to watching your progress.

  20. Valda

    It looks great! I love your changes!

  21. helgabk

    I love the cat and the birdhouse. Very cute!

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