SBEBB Biscornu Exchange for Mylene

Mylene just e-mailed me and told me that she got the exchange I sent her for the SBEBB biscornu exchange. I loved doing this one and it turned out so cute! I also sent her some fabrics, floss rings and other stuff. More photos on my flickr account.
Design: Periphaeria Designs – Sweet Biscornu, from TGOS Magazine, July 2007 issue.
Threads: Vikki Clayton silk, Garnet
Fabric: 32ct Days Gone By from Silkweavers
Stitched by Linda LitlaSkvís
Stitched for Mylene
I have had an incredible birthday today! Thank you everyone for the well wishes, birthday cards, e-mails, gifts, comments and everything! I will write more about my birthday when I get the chance, now it is time for dinner!


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9 responses to “SBEBB Biscornu Exchange for Mylene

  1. Very nice! Where did you get the colored rings from?

  2. Happy belated birthday Linda;-))

    How wonderfully presented are these pics of your Biscornu, it is beautiful,-))


  3. Happy Belated Birthday Linda! Wishing you a happy year ahead!

    Linda, your Biscornu is beautiful! Love the red you used. Wonderful exchange!

  4. Beautiful biscornu sweetie.

  5. Happy Birthday, Linda. Hope you had a super duper day!


  6. Robyn

    Very pretty Linda & lovely presentation also!

  7. Happy birthday again, Linda!
    Your biscornu is really beautiful and I love the way you have presented it, in that lovely little basket!

  8. What a beautiful biscornu it is! Happy belated birthday 🙂

  9. Amazing! You sure are the Biscornu Queen.
    I love it!!!

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