A small stitching update

I have mostly been working on exchanges lately so I do not have much stitching to show. In between I have been working on Miss Mary Mack and my Stitcher’s Stocking. Here is how MMM looks as of today:

Miss Mary Mack

And the Stitchers Stocking. I have hight hopes to get it done in time for Christmas! I really hope that will come true!

Stitchers Stocking WIP
Stitcher’s Studio Stocking from Cross Stitch and Country Crafts Magazine July/Aug ’89

I have decided to start bringing a small project with me to work and stitch in my lunch hour. A woman from work is going to join me! Woohoo! I am going through my JCS Ornament issues and finding the first small to bring to work project. I am hoping this will help me to get some of the small things stitched, especially some ornaments!

Karítas was sick on Monday and Tuesday so we spent the days at home. She had a fever and a cold but went back to play school yesterday and is doing a lot better. While we were at home she insisted that she wanted to stitch. And she did!

Karitas stitching
Karitas stitching
Karitas with her first finish

I found a piece of hardanger fabric that I knew I would never use and some perle cotton from Anchor in this orange/yellow variation and threaded a needle for her. She was all over the place and just loved it. I was so surprised that she had such good control over the small needle (size 20) and that she found it so much fun. She says it is not done, but that she is going to add more to it later. She is thinking about a green color. So cute!

Well. Off I go. Babies need feeding and I need to tackle Mount Washmore, yet again!


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18 responses to “A small stitching update

  1. Flott hjá Karítas – kemur ekkert smá vel út. Þessi mynd verður flott uppá vegg þegar hún er fullbúin.

  2. Aaaawww… How sweet! =)
    Mommy already has a pupil! Soon she will be helping you to stitch all your stash!

  3. What a lovely ‘first project’ – you must get that framed when it’s finished.!

  4. So cute Karitas and her stitching ^.^
    I always have a small project I that I bring to work, in fact the stitching for you biscornu was made during my lunck breaks 🙂
    Nice progress on both pieces!

  5. Greinilega mikill listamaður þarna á ferðinni.

  6. Irene

    Your stitching is great, but I must say your daughter’s brought a big smile to me. You really do need to frame it when she’s finsihed.

  7. MMM is looking great!
    Love your stocking and you’ve stitched a lot since your last update.
    Karítas is so lovely and I love her stitching. I’m looking forward to see more of it.

  8. Sooo cute her first stitching!!!Congrats!!

    I ilke MMM!!I can’t waite your finish!

  9. Your stitching looks wonderfull! It will be really amazing works, when you’ll finish it 🙂 But your daughter… oh, it’s SO fantastic work, you must keep it :)))

  10. What a great start for your daughter! And nice sense of colour too, if she wants to add green. Just look at that lovely proud smile on her face!

    I really like your Miss Mary too!

  11. What a fine daugher you have. Such a wonderful stitching:)
    I like Miss Mary Mack and I am planning to stitch it after Christmas too. Also your sock looks great!

  12. Sveina

    Sniðugt hjá þér að taka saumadótið með í vinnuna…ég geri það oft því ég fæ klukkutíma í mat og það er gott að nýta hann í að sauma smá:)

  13. Hi Linda,

    You daughter and her stitching are adorable! Cherish these moments, they grow up so quickly.

    I have a (different) CS & CC stocking (started in 1991) that has about as much progress as yours. I’ve requested an invitation to join Becky’s Let’s Stitch blog, and I was wondering if you would be interested in a stocking SAL, either in conjuction with Let’s Stitch or privately? Please let me know. Thanks.

  14. Awww how cute is that girl of yours. MMM looks good so far…

  15. Your stocking looks great. You´ve finished a lot since I saw it last time. I belive you´ll be able to finish it before Christmas. MMM looks good but I fell in love with Karitas´s stitching. She will probably be as talented as her mother.

  16. Oh my gosh you HAVE to keep that and get it framed. That is the most precious thing I’ve seen in a long time! That just touched my heart like you would not believe. Tell Karita that her stitching is just simply beautiful 😉

  17. Sue

    She looks so pleased with herself, that’s great she had such fun. My DD also enjoys to stitch sometimes, but does not want to follow a pattern. Her designs are all freehand and she just picks colors she likes as she goes. She ends up with some lovely looking abstract pieces. Looks like Karitas may have the same designer tendency.:)
    Glad that she’s feeling better from her cold.

  18. Oh my goodness! That is the sweetest thing ever~~ I just love your daughter’s little cross-stitch project. She will have such fond memories of this. How wonderful and delightful!

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