Lots to share

Thank you all so much for the support about my last post. Also, I want to send out all my best to all of you. I am fully aware that this is a world wide problem and that there are more people that are really worried out there. Take care everyone, we will survive!

Now, lets get to some stitching! Man I have missed sharing my stitching with you guys. I hope that this post makes up for it! I participated in a Mattress Pincushion exchange in my Icelandic Stitching Group ‘Allt Í Kross’ and Edda was my partner. She e-mailed me and told me that she got my package so now I can share what I made for her.

Mattress Pincushion for Edda
Mattress Pincushion for Edda
Pattern: Alphabet Tree – Blue Ribbon Designs (freebie)
Fabric: 36ct Summer Khaki linen
Thread: Plush Plum – Belle Soie Silk

I loved stitching this and had been wanting to stitch this pattern for a long time. And the Belle Soie silk was so wonderful to stitch with. And I love the final result and Edda says that she likes it also 🙂

I have also been working a little on my stocking and here is a progress picture.

Stitchers Stocking
Design: Stitchers Studio stocking from Cross Stitch and Country Crafts Magazine July/August ’89

Also, Mini Cottages. I am soooo close to being done. Here is a picture I took on September 28th, before I started working on this project again.

Mini Cottages 1, 2, 3 and the start of 4

And here is how it looks today.
Mini Cottages 4

It is sooooo close to being done. I only have to fill in the black of the windows and do the outlines. I can’t wait to get it done!

I have also decided to do some Pink Stitching to show my support for Breast Cancer Awareness. This is a free design from Romy in Austria. I plan on finishing it as a biscornu once the stitching is done.

Stitch Pink
Fabic: Silvery Moon 32ct Belfast Linen by Silkweavers
Threads: 3607 and 3689 DMC

Well. It is Sunday and my little Karítas is a little sick. She got a high temp yesterday and today it has gone down a bit so she is a little better, but still sick. We plan on taking it very easy today. I will probably try to stitch some more on my Pink project 🙂

I hope you all had a great weekend!


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25 responses to “Lots to share

  1. Colleen

    very nice stitching! Can’t wait to see them all finished!

  2. Great finishes. Hope your little one feels better real soon.

  3. Girl… you’ve been busy!!!
    Love the Mattress Pincushion!!!
    Love the Stocking… you’ve stitched a lot since last time.
    MC is gorgeous… can’t wait to see it finished (FINALLY!!!!)
    The Pink Stitching is looking good!!! Looking forward to see it finished.
    I hope Karítas will get well soon.
    Hugs and kisses from us girls!!!!

  4. Brenda

    I’m so glad you’ve started stitching again!! It’s just what we need to help us forget, if only a little while, what’s actually going on in the world.

    You’ve been holding out on some WIPs from us! Shame on you! LOL I can’t wait to see Mini Cottages finished. It’s so pretty.

    I’m glad to hear Karítas is feeling better, honey!

  5. Beatiful Mattress! love all the sides and buttons too!

  6. Thanks for a bunch of lovely stitchy photos, Linda. I especially want to say I *love* the teeny buttons on your mattress pincushion. So cute!!!

  7. Lots of great updates! Love the mattress pinkeep.

  8. I’m with you. The world is very depressing right now. But please take comfort in your ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL stitching! 🙂

  9. Love your mattress pincushion, especially the buttons and the ribbon on the sides.

  10. Sue

    Wow, lots of lovely stitching. Your pin cushion mattress is so pretty, I really like the edging around the sides. Nice progress on the stocking and your cottages are looking great too, such fun colors and shapes. So sorry to hear Karitas is sick, I hope she’s well and feeling much better soon.

  11. I love the mattress, it is very elegant.

  12. Lovely stitching! I hope your little girl will be better soon.

  13. Lovely, lovely stuff :o)
    I love your stitcher’s studio stocking 🙂
    And the WIP…almost finished! YEAH!
    And the breast cancer freebie is spectacular!
    The exchange…well that is just gorgeous!!!!

  14. Oh wow beautiful stitching Linda. Your mattress pincushion is gorgeous and I love the cottages.

    Pretty pink you’ve chosen for the breast cancer piece.

    I hope your little girl is better soon.

  15. The pincushion is just great! I love the colour of the floss.
    You’ve been doing great on your stocking!

  16. Everything looks great. Can´t wait to see more.

  17. Beatrice

    Oh my where to start.
    First of all I hope all is well with you and your fellow country folks.
    The stitching you have been doing it terrific. I love the mattress pincushion.
    The stocking is coming along beautifully.
    M.Powell cottages are great. I do like them a lot!
    And of course the Pink is beautiful!

  18. I just found your blog – your stitching is lovely! I’m sorry to hear Karítas is feeling ill – I hope she recovers quickly.

    We’ve been hearing a little about Iceland’s troubles here on the news (along with the rest of the world’s). I really hope your job is safe and everything is ok for you!

  19. What a beatiful mattress!!
    Thread color and trim are so beautiful!

    I hope Karítas will get well soon^.^

  20. Beautiful mattress pinkeep.
    I hope Karitas gets better really soon

  21. Lovely stitching!!! Love the colors of the matress pincushion!
    Hope Karítas is doing better.

  22. I love those pink scissors! Lovely….I’ve missed seeing your stitching but it is understandable. 🙂 Pretty pretty!

  23. Very beautiful works.
    I love the mattress pincushion.

  24. Your work is lovely. I especially can’t wait to see the stitcher’s studio! Keep on stitching! I remember the days when my kiddos were little and would spike temps out of the blue! Hope she is feeling better. Love her name!!

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