Fall/Halloween exchange!

Me and my friend Amanda were the only people who signed up in a Halloween exchange in one of my stitching groups. And since Halloween is not celebrated here in Iceland I asked for something with a Fall/Autumn theme and I got to stitch a Halloween themed item for her. I love Halloween patterns and try to find ever excuse there is to stitch them 🙂

Today I got my package from Amanda and it is gorgeous!

Fall exchange from Amanda
She stitched me this beautiful strawberry emery that is just perfect! The stitching and finishing are just amazing! But she didn’t stop there. She also sent me some colored floss rings (awesome!) and a beautiful beaded scissor fob that she made for me! Here is another shot of just the emery. It has tons of beads on it!
Fall exchange from Amanda
Thank you Amanda! I love my goodies!

And here is a picture of what I stitched for Amanda. I made her a pinkeep and a floss ring tag. Sorry about the picture, it is a little blurry. I didn’t download the images until I had already mailed the exchange only to find that the images were not so great :-/

Halloween Exchange for Amanda

The pattern for the pinkeep is a freebie from Cyberstitchers called ‘Halloween’s a sudden boo’ and is designed by Barbara Ana. As you can see I only used a very small portion of the pattern for the pinkeep. I know Amanda collects Halloween houses so I thought this would be perfect for her. The windows and moon and stars are stitched with DMC glow in the dark thread and it is so cool!
The ghost on the floss ring tag is from Halloween Spots by The Trilogy. I also stitched the word ‘Boo’ on the back.

Thanks Amanda for a great exchange!


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20 responses to “Fall/Halloween exchange!

  1. Brenda

    Now those were well worth waiting for!!! You got some great stuff from Amanda!

  2. WOW!
    Both pieces are gorgeous!

  3. The strawberry is incredible and I love your pinkeep and floss ring tag! Great exchange!

  4. Adorable exchanges! Isn’t it amazing what you can do with just parts of a larger design? Nice =)

  5. Colleen

    Those are beautiful gifts from the both of you! Lovely work! Those colored rings are cool too!

  6. Irene

    You both did a terrific job with your exchanges !

  7. I love them all! What a good idea to just take a snippet from Barbara Ana’s piece! GREAT idea! I just love her stuff and you did it justice!

  8. Both are so lovely!!
    Gorgeous exchange!

  9. What a beautiful exchange!

  10. You have both made some beautiful gifts, well done to both of you!

  11. Oh wow both exchanges are wonderful!

  12. Beautiful exchanges from both of you.

  13. Ji minn eini hvað þetta er flott

  14. That strawberry emery is gooooooorgeus! So gracefully finished! Congrats! =)

  15. Both are just gorgeous! I really like your pinkeep!

  16. Beautiful exchanges, both sent and received.

  17. Wow, goegeous exchange 🙂

    Linda, I selected you to playing a game and wanna invite you for it.
    Please visit: http://xszemkozt.blogspot.com/2008/10/kipczve-to-be-selected-playing-game.html
    Thank you!

  18. Great exchanges!! The stawberry emery is gorgeous!

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