London, Christmas etc.

Hi everyone. I have been a bad girl about my stitching. I went into a stitching slump and haven’t stitched anything since I finished ‘Reading’ a while ago. Last night my friend Rósa came over and gave me a stitching boost and what do you know, I started and finished the stitching on for an exchange in my Icelandic stitching group. I hope I will be able to do the finishing tonight. Thanks so much Rósa for your visit and your inspiration! *kisses*

My cousin Bjarki and me @ Regent's Park

London was loads of fun! Me and my cousin Bjarki are both very happy that we went and we had so much fun just walking around and enjoying ourselfs. We didn’t do much shopping, understandably because of the economy, but we did buy a little of this and that and then off course food. I took some pictures and you can see them here.

Gingerbread cookie cutters

This weekend was spent with my daughters preparing a little for Christmas. We went to my parents house on Saturday and baked and decorated gingerbread cookies with my mom and sisters. The girls had so much fun! I really enjoyed it too. I usually do not do a lot of baking for Christmas, but this is a tradition that we try to do every year as a family. I went to the theater with my friend Aisté on Saturday night and had a lot of fun.

Decorated cookies

On Sunday I cleaned and decorated my apartment with my two little helpers. The girls go so into decorating that we ended up decorating more than usually. The apartment looks nice and I will try to take some snaps around and show you guys some pictures from our Christmas preparation as it goes on. I made a new Set on Flickr called Christmas 2008 and I plan on adding to it as December goes on.


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8 responses to “London, Christmas etc.

  1. London at Christmas time is just magical, isn’t it? I’m glad you had such a nice time.

  2. Colleen

    Pics are great! Can’t wait to see more! Glad to hear you are out of that slump!

  3. You and your cousin look fantastic in that picture! He’s really cute!!! LOL

    I hope that stitching slump is gone for good, honey! The rest of us get in those slumps…not you!!!

  4. Valda

    Sorry to hear you were in a slump! It happens but don’t worry. It won’t last long.
    Your cousin is cute! I enjoyed looking at your pictures.
    I love your Christmas cookies!

  5. I’d love to go to London again, one of my favourite places in the world!

    You’ve all made some beautiful cookies, they look really yummy.

  6. I love the tradition of baking. I must make it part of my own traditions. xx

  7. Your cookies turned out so pretty:) What a wonderful family tradition!

  8. Great time you had it seems.
    You have done beautiful stitching.
    Keep it up.

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