Advent Calendars

No stitching pictures sorry. I am busy with stitching gifts and exchanges, so I have nothing I can share at the moment. I am going to the PO tomorrow, so hopefully I will have a little something to share later this week.

Since I have no stitching to show you at the moment, I decided to show you pictures of the gorgeous Advent Calendars that my mom has hand quilted for my daughters.

For Sumarrós:



Sumarrós's Advent Calendar

For Karítas:

Karitas's Advent Calendar

She puts little wrapped gifts, one for each day of December until the 24th for them. The girls love their calendars, and so do I. They are so beautifully done. I am going to have to take better close ups of them for you to see when I am home at an hour when everything is not completely dark. It is snowing today so that helps a little with the brightness. It has been so dark and gloomy lately that it is really getting to me. Soon, soon, they day will get longer again. I just can’t wait!


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11 responses to “Advent Calendars

  1. I can’t imagine what it must be like for it to be soooo dark for so many hours that the snow brightens things up. LOL.

    But someday, I hope to find out.

    Lovely advent calendars. Your mom is talented.

  2. How wonderful to have something as gorgeous as your Mum’s handmade advent calendars to open. So special for your daughters.

  3. Colleen

    Those are beautiful!!! She does wonderful work! Can’t wait to see what you have been working on…

  4. Your mom has outdid herself on those quilts for the girls!!!! Beautiful!

  5. TDee

    I love them!!!! I have a giant quilted one with BIG pockets. It’s too big to put up at the new house. So, I haven’t used it in 3 years. I love the size of these.


  6. What a lovely idea! xx

  7. Such a fun thing for your daughters and what great memories these will create:)
    Your mom did an amazing job on both!! They are truly beautiful:)

  8. beautiful gifts from grandmother:)

  9. Wow those calendars are amazing.

  10. Beautiful advent calenders, I love them. Your mum is very talented.


  11. Joan

    Litla, Your Mom is so talented! I’d love to make one for my 3 year old nephew when he’s a little older. I think it would even be a great gift for my husband with items from the dollar store – and some candy, of course! Happy Stitching! Joan R-B in New Jersey, USA

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