Ornament Exchange for Fanný Margrét

I just got a word that Fanný got the package that I sent to her last week with the ornament exchange in our Icelandic stitching group ‘Allt í Kross’. I decided to stitch her a small biscornu and make an ornament out of it. When looking through my patterns, this simple but beautiful design jumped at me.

Christmas Biscornu

Design: Holly Berries Mini Biscornu by Cherished Stitches. Featured in JCS Ornament issue 2008.
Fabric: 32ct Vintage Belfast – Country Mocha
Threads: DMC 4045 and 4210
Beads, button and Jingles from my stash

I am trying very hard to finish up some presents but it is not going very well. I completely lost my stitching mojo and I can’t seem to find it again. The only thing I haven’t done to try to find it again is to start something new. I might do just that tonight, and see if the stitching spirit will visit me again. I really really miss stitching and feel just horrible looking at all my stash and not wanting to play with it 😦

What do you do when you just do not feel like stitching? What usually does the trick for you and gets you stitching again?


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15 responses to “Ornament Exchange for Fanný Margrét

  1. Very pretty biscornu, honey!

    I thought you had found your stitching mojo already!! I’ll usually try to find something new to stitch to add to all my WIP….LOL And more times than not that will usually do it for me.

    Good luck, honey!

  2. Mikið rosalega er þessi flottur.
    ÉG er tíður gestur hér á síðunni þinni og er alltaf að dáðst af öllu því sem þú tekur þér fyrir hendur. Ég vildi að ég væri svona dugleg í útsaumnum!

  3. Shopping is the thing that seems to reignite my stitching mojo. Sad, but true. How do you think all these stitching stores stay in business? Maybe window-shopping would work?

  4. Gorgeous, as always my dear!
    windowshopping, blogbrowsing, new start or just force myself to stitch one strand in some WIP is what gets me in the stitching mood!

  5. I absolutely love your biscornu ornament, dear! The little bells gave it an extra charm! Congrats on it!
    Mmmm… I am living a lack of mojo moment right now. So far I am quite happy I have no deadlines to keep to, as I have no exchanges for this weeks ahead. =)
    Hope you get yours soon!
    Hugs from sunny Brazil!

  6. Oooh, I LOVE your finish with the “jingle bells”!!

  7. Colleen

    Beautiful!!! I think it is a great idea to start something new…that should get you going again…good luck!

  8. The biscornu looks really cute.
    I have also lost my stitching mojo. I seem to end up in front of the TV doing nothing. I need help too!

  9. Takk fyrir æðislegt jólaskraut, þetta fer sko á jólatréð mitt :o)

    ég er líka í smá sauma-lægð, en ég held/vona að þetta komi núna eftri að maður er búin að klára allt jólastússið

    en mér finnst oft gott að skoða saumablogg (þitt er mjög gott), þá sér maður svo margt fallegt og langar líka að gera :o)

  10. what do I do? I visit blogs and see beautiful pieces like your ornie and I get inspired 🙂 and buying new stash helps too!

  11. The biscornu is a beauty! I usually go through my stash and it motivates me to get some stuff done so I can work on what is ‘yet to come’. With the February market coming up, find it fast! I’m sure some beautiful patterns will motivate you 🙂

  12. very beautiful and cute!

  13. Very pretty ornament! I don’t think I’ve ever lost my stitching mojo, to be honest (which doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen). But I always get a kick from looking at blogs, maybe it could help?

  14. I love the mini biscornu and the jingle bells are just the perfect touch.

  15. That’s a beautiful ornament!! The jingle bell in the corners are great idea!

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