Happy Dance YAY!

I finally have some stitching to show! YAY!
As much as I have not been stitching, I have missed it terribly. On Christmas Day I started this freebie that I found on this blog. I absolutely adore this pattern so it went by rather fast. I even have an idea as to how I am going to finish it but I need to ponder it a bit before I actually take the plunge and do it as I am not really sure how to 🙂

Sapin d'Elisa
Pattern: Part 1Part 2Part 3
Fabric: 40ct Linen – not labeled from my stash
Thread: 1 strand of Belle Soie silk in Collard Greens
Buttons and charm: from my stash

I had a lot of fun stitching this, and my girls loved helping me picking out just the right buttons to put on it. The buttons are charted to be stitched, but I really like to play around with stuff like that. Also where the scissor charm is, your are supposed to stitch your initial, but since I had that charm in my stash I thought it would look good there.

Oh it feels wonderful to finally have a finish! Now I am going to finish my Little Women Series since there is sooooo little left to stitch on them!



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20 responses to “Happy Dance YAY!

  1. You found your stitching mojo and finished an adorable project in the process. Woohoooo!!!

  2. Geggjað munstur og flottar breytingar. Þessa þarf ég að sauma finnst hún æði.

  3. This piece is stunning and the changes looks just perfect. Can´t wait to see what you´ll make of it.

  4. Elisa

    good work !
    buttons are lovely 🙂

  5. KarenV

    It looks great! I like your charm and button additions.

  6. I love your new finish, it is just beautiful! I like the buttons you added, and the scissors on top, so cute 🙂 Your girls are so sweet, your photos of them are really nice. Love your blog 🙂

  7. Wow, it looks amazing! I love your choice of colour and the buttons, and the charm is just in the right place.

    Glaedelig jul til dig og dine soede doetre!

  8. What a cute piece! I love the additions you made!

  9. Irene

    Looks wonderful and I love the green !

  10. I love the colour you chose and the buttons. They match so perfectly. I’m so glad you are stitching again.
    I hope you have a happy and healthy 2009.

  11. Your finish is absolutely beautiful! The color and buttons are perfect 🙂

  12. Beautiful stitching! I really like how you used the buttons and charms.

  13. Wow, this is a lovely design. Great work!

  14. Thanks for sharing her blog link! Your finish is gorgeous! I’m definetly going to make this too!

  15. Sue

    You did a fabulous job on this one. The changes you made really make it an individual piece.

  16. Sveina

    Æðisleg mynd og munstur…

  17. Eeeeeelska þetta munstur og þér tókst meira að segja að gera það enn flottara.
    Geeeðveikt klár mín kæra!

  18. Lovely, lovely finish.
    The buttons are gorgeous too 🙂

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