Happy New Year – Gleðilegt ár

I hope you are all leaving the old year with joy in your heart, ready to embrace the new year. I have a good feeling about 2009, I like odd numbers 🙂

I wanted to make a list of what I finished in 2008. It is listed as design – designer – how finished. Unfinished means I haven’t done the finishing for the piece yet.

2008 Finished by Linda LitlaSkvís

Spring Keep – The Drawn Thread (finished as a scissor fob)
Wildflower Hearts – Indigo Rose (finished as a scissor case)
Four Little Hearts (pink) – Indigo Rose (finished as a biscornu)
Four Little Hearts (blue) – Indigo Rose (finished as a biscornu)
All You Need Is Love – The Drawn Thread (finished as a tin)
Pearl Drops – Judy Dixon ( finished as a biscornu)
Freebie from My Aunts Attic (finished as a biscornu)
Curly Q Ewe – Little House Needleworks (finished as a pillow)
Freebie from My Aunts Attic (finished as a biscornu)
Eeyore as a bib on a pre-finished teddy bear
Barbapapa on a shirt for myself
Schoolgirl Lessons – Little House Needleworks (unfinished)
Buzzz – Bent Creek (finished as a pinkeep)
Bee – freebie from Kissy Cross (finished as a biscornu)
Spring Spell – Just Nan (finished in a Whimzi frame)
Faith – Little House Needleworks (unfinished)
Stitcher Hornbook – A Mon Amie Pierre (finished as a pinkeep)
Stitcher’s Roll – Shepherd’s Bush (unfinished)
Nature’s Beauty – Little House Needleworks
Freebie from My Aunts Attic (finished as a pinkeep)
Night and Day – Little House Needleworks (unfinished)
Wool Needlebook (small poriton) – Little House Needleworks (finished as a mattress pincushion and a scissor fob)
Freebie from here (finished as a scissor case and fob)
The Rain Fell – Little House Needleworks (unfinished)
Strawberry Emery – Anita Diamond (finished as an emery)
Friendship Grows – Lizzie*Kate (finished as a floss ring tag)
Sweet Biscornu – Periphaeria Designs (finished as a biscornu)
Little House Neighborhood – Little House Needleworks (framed)
Ladybugs and Bumblebees – Country Cottage Needleworks (unfinished)
Halloween Exchange for Amanda – Pinkeep and a Floss Ring Tag
Alphabet Tree – Blue Ribbon Designs (finished as a mattress pincushion)
Folk Heart Needle Roll – Shepherd’s Bush (unfinished)
Mini Cottages Four – Michael Powell (unfinished)
Pink Ribbon freebie – Romy (finished as a biscornu)
Quilting – Little House Needleworks (unfinished)
Gardening – Little House Needleworks (unfinished)
Reading – Little House Needleworks (unfinished)
Holly Berries – Cherished Stitches (finished as a biscornu ornament)
Snow – Barbara Ana (finished as an ornament)
Sapin d’Elisa – Elisa (unfinished)
Baking – Little House Needleworks (unfinished)

Looking back on this list, I am happy to see how many pieces I have actually done the finishing on. I didn’t realise this until now when I sat down and made the time to make this list. So I am quite happy with last years stitching, even though the last 2 months or so have been rather slow in the stitching department.

As for goals for 2009, there are few.

  1. Stay on the wagon!
  2. Stitch form my stash!
  3. Do more finishing!
  4. Start a HEAD piece!
  5. Do one ornament each month!

I think that’s it. I am also going to be a little selfish when it comes to my stitching. I am going to take part in some exchanges, do some random draws on my blog, send out some goodies to stitching friends and stuff, but on the whole I want to make the year 2009 a little more about me 🙂

Last but not least. Thank you all for visithing, for your sweet comments, support, e-mails, gifts, cards etc. Your friendship means so much to me! Thank you, from the botton of my heart!


Sumarrós on New Years EveSumarrós on New Years Eve 2008



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12 responses to “Happy New Year – Gleðilegt ár

  1. Happy new year to you and yours, Linda!

    Greetings from Hungary,

  2. Þú ert ekkert smá dugleg!
    Gleðilegt ár!

  3. Happy New Year to you and your family!

    *here’s to staying on the wagon with you!* LOL!! Great job in 2008 🙂

  4. I love those glasses! Happy New Stitchy Year to you as well! 🙂

  5. I loved seeing all your finishes! Thank you for your inspiration. Here’s hoping all your dreams and wishes for 2009 come true! One of my goals this year is to do many biscornu’s too. Love those glasses and the hair decoration.
    Happy New Year!

  6. Congratulations on all your finishes in 2008! What an accomplishment. All the best in the new year and looking forward to seeing more of your stitching.

    PS Love those funky glasses on your little girl.

  7. Vá… þú gerðir ekkert smá mikið á síðasta ári! Ógsla dugleg sko.
    Sumarrós er svo fín með þessi gleraugu… þau eru ÆÐI!

  8. What an impressive list of finishes! You had a great stitching year. I wish you the best in completing your 2009 goals.

  9. Great finishes! It has been very nice reading your blog this last year. xx

  10. oh and I also made my first triangle scissor case too! Thanks for that as well. xx

  11. Your list of finishes for 2008 is amazing!! Congrats!! and best wishes for your 2009 goals!

    Love the pic with the fun glasses!! She is sooo cute..and happy:)

  12. Wow that is quite the list. Wonder what my list would look like…LOL! Happy New Year sweetie.

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