Two new starts!

I hope you are all enjoying the new year. And thank you for the wonderful comments on my last posts! I am very happy about my finishes! I went through some of the unfinished ones yesterday and thought about ways of possible finishing. At least I have some ideas now for some of them, now to just find the time.

I have been discussing the option of a ‘Finishing Weekend’ in my Icelandic stitching group. The idea is that each person brings a finished stitching project and all the supplies needed to do the finishing on it that she has in mind (I will send them a list of what they need for each kind of finishing, at least the basics). And they come here and get the help they need to get their project finished. Off course I do not know every finishing technique in the book, but with the help of the internet and the blogging world I have gotten some great ideas and help in doing my own finishing lately. There are quite a few members in my stitch group that are excited about this idea and so am I so now I just need to find the perfect time for it. This would also inspire me to do some finishing on my own projects. I am thinking about having an open house for a whole weekend so people can just show up whenever and stay for as long as they want. I can even house about 2-3 people if someone is coming from far away and want to have the option of spending the night 🙂

Well. This post was supposed to be about my two new starts, got a little side tracked there! Since I finished two projects I decided to start two new projects. These were both projects that I didn’t need to buy anything for and I had everything in my stash so all is good.

Trousse aux Fleurs Bleues
Design: Trousee aux Fleurs Bleues by C’mon Monde
Fabric: 32ct Off white linen from my stash
Threads: DMC

Come Tarry
Design: Come Tarry by Shepherd’s Bush
Fabric: 32ct Dark Espresso Linen
Threads: Threadgatherer, Soie D’Alger and Gloriana Silk

I am thinking about going to a knitting store today because I want to buy some yarn for this project. I haven’t knitted in a LONG time and I miss it. I often get the urge to knit something in January/February and I love this project. It is so me!


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17 responses to “Two new starts!

  1. I wish I could pack up my 80 (or so) unfinished projects and come for the weekend! Finishing camp, now there’s an idea!

  2. Both your new starts look lovely Linda. Looking forward to seeing more progress on both of them.

  3. Gee, I wish Iceland weren’t so far. Then I could come to your finishing weekend. 🙂
    You don’t want to see how many unfinished finished pieces I have. LOL

  4. I love both your new starts, I start C mon monde one too, show late:) enjoy stitching

  5. A finishing weekend, what a glorious idea. I’d really like to be able to join one if there were a chance around here.

    Your new starts are great.

  6. What lovely new starts!

    I just love the garnstudio website – so many gorgeous designs….knitting is my other passion recently although I swore I’d never take it up 🙂 How funny!

    Happy New Year!

  7. TDee

    Nice! Isn’t it wonderful to start something new?

    I hope your finishing party goes well. Sounds like a great idea to me.


  8. Love your new starts!
    Miss you sweetie

  9. A finishing weekend sounds great!! Wish I were there!!
    Love your new starts….great progress on both!

  10. Finishing weekend sounds great. I´ll show up with my Snowmen Trio.
    Your new starts looks great as usual.

  11. Colleen

    Your new WIPs are looking good. Your finishing weekend sounds wonderful!

  12. Good progress on your new WIPs.

  13. Svala

    Datt inná bloggið þitt eftir hressilegan bloggrúnt! Ég saumaði dáltið af krosssaum í “den” og er eiginlega algjör föndurdós! Er að detta inn í krosssauminn aftur núna og er með stjörnur í augunum yfir vinnunni þinni. Ætla að panta mér húsamyndina sem þú gerðir en langar svo að vita hvaða garn þú notaðir í húsin, finnst það svo miklu fallegra. Væri rosa þakklát ef þú mundir kannski senda mér póst ef þú hefur tíma. Takk takk.
    Svala Eiríksdóttir

  14. Some nice new projects!

  15. Nice new starts! And I’m sooo impressed by your list of 2008 projects… well done!

  16. Robyn in Oz

    New starts are always a great feeling! Finishing w/end sounds good – I’ll be in Reykjavik for a week in Jan (long way from home) – anything special to see/do?
    Many thanks,

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