Something old and beautiful – lots of photos

I meant to blog ages ago! Things got crazy, busy, fun and all kinds of other things since my last post but know that I am happy and stitching! I can’t really show anything yet, but soon I can post pictures. I have also been knitting on my neck warmer that I linked to in my previous post. I only have about 12 rounds to go and then the crocheting and then it will be done! It looks great, and it is much easier than I thought it would be. I even have my next knitting project picked out! More on that later.

The title of this post is ‘Something old and beautiful’. Well, today at my lunch break, me and some co-workers went to a thrift store where you can buy almost anything. I found a tin that I wanted to get (I want to do more tin finishing and this was a nice size tin) so I went to pay for it. When I was paying for my tin my eye wandered to the side of the table and there it was! An old Necchi sewing machine that was just shouting my name! It was C H E A P so off course it came home with me!
It doesn’t work or anything, but it is just so beautiful! I have always wanted an old sewing machine like that, just for decoration. And now it is sitting on top of my stash cabinet and I can’t stop looking at it. I just adore it!








As you can see from the pictures it is worn and not in the best of conditions, but I still just adore it. I think it has so much character! Now. If anyone has any tips on how to clean it and make it shiny again, I am all ears! I was wondering if it would be OK to use car wax on it to make it shine again? But off course I would have to get it clean first! So, any tips out there?


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21 responses to “Something old and beautiful – lots of photos

  1. Birgitta

    Vá, krúttið og dúllan! Hún er næstum alveg eins og Singerinn minn, nema gyllingin, endinn og lokið er nánast alveg eins og kassinn er eins og hjólið og og og! Hún er æði 🙂 Til hamingju!

  2. ó svo fín!
    Ég ELSKA hana og hlakka til að kíkja við og klappa henni.

  3. Guðbjörg

    Æðisleg. Til hamingju með hana.

  4. Oh WOW!! It’s gorgeous! I have no idea about how to make it clean or shiney, but maybe you could google “cleaning old sewing machines” and you may find some good advice.
    Beautiful find! Congrats:)

  5. What a great find – it’s gorgeous!

  6. Björg Helgad.

    Æðisleg saumavél 🙂 mig hefur einmitt alltaf dreymt um eina svona gamla og var svo heppin að ein fylgdi í kaupunum með kærastanum 😉 gömul Singer (vantar bara almennilegt eða skáp til að setja hana uppá, sem stendur er hún bara undir borði í kassanum). Held að þú ættir að googla varðandi þrifin eins og Cindy stingur uppá, ég þekki ekki nógu vel til að gefa einhver tips. En mér finnst hún reyndar ferlega flott svona veðruð 🙂 en auðvitað gaman að hafa hana shiny líka.

  7. Wow!!! What a wonderful old sewing machine! I love all those old sewing utensils, and an old sewing machine is just the best of all.

  8. Til hamningju með saumavélina. Vonandi nærðu að gera hana skínandi fína.

  9. Hún er virkilega falleg.

  10. It’s just gorgeous, honey!!! What a great find!!

  11. What a wonderful find! Very, very charming!

  12. Its beautiful Linda and you know how I feel about old sewing machines 🙂 You see mine enough in all the photos of my blog! LOL! I don’t about making it shine and using car wax…I wonder if it would take off the gold ?

  13. The sewing machine is really beautiful!
    My grandmother has a machine, very similar to this one, but it is Singer. And it is still working, so she is using it to sew.

  14. Jan

    I like it the way it is. I would just do a light cleaning with furniture polish on the wood. Part of the character of an antique like this is the old, worn look. It is just beautiful.

  15. My husband suggests to use mineral spirits to clean it (using a toothbrush or rag), then sewing machine oil. His father used to own a sewing machine shop ages ago. : )

  16. Evelyn in Maine

    This machine is just beautiful. My mother still uses her old Necchi that she bought in the 40’s.- it weighs a ton! It’s not nearly as lovely as this old one. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures.

  17. Beautiful machine, indeed! =) It looks great at your home, I am sure!
    Oh… by the way… YOU ARE TAGGED! =P
    Take a look at here:

  18. Love the machine!! I learned on a treadle machine when I was a little girl. Everyone else seemed to have electric machines. Let me tell you – it took some coordination to have the feet pumping while concentrating on stitching! You are going to love it- it’s so much fun to find a bargain, isn’t it?

  19. Hello Linda,

    Thank you for the kind comment you left on my blog!!

    How nice is this old machine!! I wish I have a super grandma who had nice old things!


  20. helgabk

    Jeminn hvað þetta er geggjuð saumavél!!! Hún er svo falleg, ég vona að þú náir að gera hana upp. Svona dýrgripir eru ekki á hverju strái og þú rosalega heppin að klófesta hana:)

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