Finishing for a friend.

My friend Brenda claims to be finishing challenged (her words, not mine! LOL!) so when I offered her to mail me some pieces and do the finishing for her on them, she jumped at the offer and this week I got an envelope from her with these beautiful pieces stitched by her and two books that she had and wanted to give me (Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden and Fool me Once by Fern Michaels).

Stitched by Brenda

Now I am trying to decide what to finish them into. This is what I have in mind at the moment.

The blue tall flower piece – bookmark
Sunflower piece – a pillow
Cottage Garden Piece – a pinkeep
The green/purple piece on top – no clue! LOL! It would look great as a biscornu, but it is a little too big for one and I don’t have the same backing fabric (that could be fixed easily though). But I think it is a tad to big for a biscornu though.

Any ideas? Please share 🙂

I haven’t done much stitching during the week. I have done a little on Flea Market Souvenir and will probably do more stitching on it today and tonight. So I might have an updated picture later in the week.


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14 responses to “Finishing for a friend.

  1. You’re so nice, my dear Linda.
    I love your ideas so far.
    But, why not make a rather large biscornu??? That could be very pretty.
    And Brenda, I love those pieces.. the tall blue flower is my favorite by far. You did an awesome job.

  2. You are my hero!! I have talked many times about needing a “finishing fairy” to come and take my pieces and finish them. I love the stitching but not the finishing.

    I love your ideas. How about finishing it as a cube? I made one and love it. I didn’t use a cube shape- I chose to make it a little narrower starting with a thinner piece of styrofoam. A needle book would be nice, too. Or how about a box top? It would make a really pretty pocket on a tote….I’m sure you’ll figure out the best answer for it!!

  3. Maybe you can finish it like “burse”? I don’t know is it correct in english, but I mean this thing –

  4. Hiya Linda. I think the green and purple piece would be pretty on top of a box or a tin!

  5. Colleen

    Can’t wait to see your finishes on these! I know I am not much help…giggle

  6. I am looking forward to your update, I have know doubt that you will do a fantastic job.

    The only thing I thought of that hasn’t been said is a roll pillow, for the neck.



  7. Brenda’s pieces are so pretty! How nice of you to finish them for her. I’d rather stitch than finish too…and I am definetly finishing challenged!
    Can’t wait to see the final finishes:)

  8. You have some great ideas. I think a large biscornu would be awesome, as suggested. It is a pillow after all, just differently shaped from a traditional one.

  9. I’d forgotten what I had sent you….LOL Girl, you know I’m totally finishing challanged. You actually said it much nicer that I ever would! LOL I love your ideas! You know whatever you decide, I’m gonna love 🙂

    Thanks so much, honey.

  10. TDee

    Okay… I thought about it and the blue flower would look nice as a bellpull. I can see the green one as a giant biscornu. The other two… you are on your own. 🙂 Not sure I helped at all.

  11. Now this is an offer that I wouldn’t deny either. Brenda sent some very nice piec es your way.
    Like some commenters before I’d go for a box top with the green/purple piece. But all the other suggestions would be quite as nice.

  12. How sweet of you to offer your help…I’m sure all of them will turned out great!!

  13. How about a ‘regular’ pin cushion with the green and purple? Whatever you decide, I’m sure will be lovely – you do such pretty pieces!

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