Busy, ornament finish and other things.

Yes, yes. I am still here. Still alive for the most part. This would be the reason for me being a little quiet lately.

My desk at work

Yes, this is my desk at work. We are working very hard to balance everything that belongs to the year 2008 and we are getting there. But this means a little longer hours, a little work on the weekends etc. Nothing that is killing me, just a little more busy than usually. Fun thing that has been happening at work. These geese (there are three pictures of them) have been visiting us almost every day for about two weeks now. I love them! They are so cute and I just think it is fun that they come almost every day. Well off course they do since people feed them when they are there. So one day I ran down stairs and outside since I had my camera with me and snapped some shots of them.

So, the stitching part of this post! I have been working on this ornament lately. It has taken much longer than it was supposed to since I have been so busy. But I finished the stitching and the finishing tonight and I love how it turned out.

Prairie Schooler Santa ornament

TGOSM Issue 34 November 2008
Designer: Prairie Schooler
Fabric: 28ct Lugana
Threads: DMC
Beads: Mill Hill
Jingles from my stash

I have also worked a little more on Flea Market Souvenir and some other projects, but nothing work showing yet. The busy time at work will be over soon so then I will have more time to stitch and finish things. I have already started to think about a good time for my finishing weekend that I mentioned some posts ago. I think it will be fun!

Well, must get the kids in bed. I am going to stitch a little tonight. Not sure what though.


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12 responses to “Busy, ornament finish and other things.

  1. Love the ornie. It turned out beautiful. Love the Jingles.
    These geese are the cutest… and now take it easy honey.

  2. I love your Prairie Schooler Santa ornament. It is so cute. And the geese are cute too 🙂

  3. TDee

    I love the geese. I know you enjoy watching them. We have some swans and ducks are are down here for the winter. It’s quite funny to watch them sit on the plastic coyottes that are there to scare them off. LOL

    Nice finishing on the ornament.


  4. The ornament is lovely, and I love how you finished it – well done!

  5. Colleen

    Love your finish! Beautiful work as always! Hope work slows down soon for you so we can see more finishes! giggle

  6. You have some beautiful finishes.
    How about making a needlebook for your friend’s piece?
    Hope your daughter is feeling much better now.

  7. I love the little bells and the beads along the sides! It’s great fun to see the little touches people add to their work. It’s a springboard for ideas!

    Cute geese!

  8. Love the ornament and especially the bells.

  9. Katrín

    Your desk looks very similar to mine, hehe

  10. Love your ornie! Beautifully finished with the bells!

  11. I love your Santa ornament, the finishes just makes it more wonderful.

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