Flea Market Souvenir FINISHED and a Bourse – Picture Heavy post!

I have been home since yesterday. I am slowly getting a little better.
I decided to do some finishing for my friend Brenda, and decided, after going through my finishing supplies, to make this bourse out of a sunflower piece that she sent me. I had never done a bourse before and am quite pleased with how it turned out. It is a little small though, if I were to do it again I would make it bigger. But I think it is cute anyway.

Sunflower Bourse

Sunflower Bourse

Sunflower bourse for Brenda
Sunflower piece stitched by her – finishing done by me

I also finished the stitching on my Flea Market Souvenir by Blackbird Designs. I love it! All I have to do now is assemble it with some speciality stitches (I am also thinking about maybe adding some beads… I will see) and it will be done. I love this piece, it has been so much fun to stitch and the colors of the threads and the linen are just amazing. Here are some shots. I will take more after I have stitched it together.

Flea Market Souvenir

Flea Market Souvenir

Flea Market Souvenir

Flea Market Souvenir by Blackbird Designs
Fabric: 30ct LaCrosse Blend and 30ct Kansas City Blend (two different dye lots) by R.&R. Reproductions
Threads: WDW and GAST and recommended

So now I am going to go and try to figure out what stitches to use to assemble it and do some experiments with it. I will post more photos once it is completely done!


Well I did it, I finished it! I just tried not to think much about what I was doing and just go for it and do whatever stitches came to mind. Here are a bunch of pictures:

Flea Market Souvenir - FINISHED
Flea Market Souvenir - close up
Flea Market Souvenir - close up
Flea Market Souvenir - close up
Flea Market Souvenir - close up
Flea Market Souvenir - close up
Flea Market Souvenir - close up
Flea Market Souvenir - close up
Flea Market Souvenir - close up

I am THRILLED with it! YAY!


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34 responses to “Flea Market Souvenir FINISHED and a Bourse – Picture Heavy post!

  1. Your Fleamarket Souvenir is fabulous!!! The Sunflower Bourse turned out beautifully, and I’m sure your freind will love it.

  2. Beautiful job on both items! Flea Market is another one I want to make, sigh…

  3. Wow! Flea Market is just great! So much beautiful details and different stitches, gorgeous colors and design – it’s all amazing!

    Bourse is very lovely too. It remind me about summertime, oh my… 🙂

  4. You can certainly be thrilled with your finishing skills. Flea Market looks soooo wonderful, I love all those stitches you used to stitch the parts together.
    The bourse looks great as well. I think the finishing is perfect for the sunflowers which open up so brightly when you open the bourse.

  5. Björg

    Wow absolutely beautiful pieces 🙂 obviously can learn alot from you finishing projects. I´m slowly getting sucked into stitchy mainia 😉 and can´t get enough, but I have a lot to learn, seeing your work.

  6. Oh that flea market piece is just beautiful and the bourse is divine. I have been eyeing the flea market and I love your finish even more than the model. Beautiful work!

  7. Flea Market Souvenir looks great! I worked on it a tiny bit last night. I’m getting close on the house.

    Your bourse looks great too! Nice work.

  8. Colleen

    Both pieces are beautiful!!! Brenda will love hers! Great sttiching and finishing!

  9. your stitching and finishing are stunning! You deserve a Happy Dance.

  10. Flea Market is awesome!! Really really beautiful!!

  11. Congratulations. You did a wonderful job. It is stunning and so are the photos you took.

  12. The bourse is just adorable but your BBD Flea Market is just GORGEOUS!!!!!

  13. The little bourse you finished is lovely. And I absolutly LOVE your finish on the Fleamarket design. The stitches you you used and beautiful!! You are a very talented stitcher. I enjouyed looking at the pictures you shared.

  14. It turned out beautiful Linda! I love how you stitched it together! It’s so pretty! 🙂

  15. Flea Market is gorgeous! I love your joining stitches. Love the bourse too, beautifully finished.


  16. Both are just beautiful!!! Your stitching is just amazing…. Someday I hope to be able to finish and stitch half as well as you do!! You are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your lovely stitching…

  17. TDee

    OMG! I love the piece you did with the stitches like you did them to put the 3 pieces of fabric together. My mind is swirling with ideas now. LOL Go figure.

  18. Ron

    You are such an artist Linda.

  19. Paula

    You do such beautiful work! I LOVE your Flea Market Souvenir. I have that one in my stash (I think I am saying that a lot, lol) I hope I can do as nice on mine as you did on yours =)

  20. Valda

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Blackbird Designs piece!!!! I love how you attached them together!
    The bourse turned out sooooo pretty!
    Great finishing….just lovely!!!

  21. Your finishes are absolutely beautiful! I love the stitches that you used to connect your BBD pieces together 🙂

  22. Lindsay

    Both are gorgeous

  23. Congrats on your bourse finish, it looks gorgeous. Flea Market has turned out fantastic, no wonder you’re so happy with it. 🙂 I just love how the three pieces are stitched together with the decorative stitching.

  24. kimsknitsations

    absolutely beautiful….love the mesh of 2 fabrics!

  25. Wow!! Gorgeous work, Linda! I really like the special stitches on it 😉
    Was it difficult to sew up the three different fabbies?

  26. The bourse is lovely, I adore the fabric and braid colours. Your Flea Market Souvenir is fabulous. Love the stitches you have used to piece the linens together.

  27. What a great post!! First off, the bourse is really lovely – it’s such a nice surprise to see the cross stitch when it is opened! Great idea.

    Your specialty stitches are super! I love the combination you chose and that you let your imagination run free. It makes it so unique. It’s something I need to do – just go with my feelings instead of always sticking closely to the run of the mill solutions!

    Great work!! Love the pictures, too

  28. Oh, my–the bourse is beautiful, and flea market souvenir just blows me away. What beautiful stitching, especially on the specialty stitches.

  29. Both are wonderful! Congratulations!

  30. What a neat souvenir to have and treasure. Do you buy souvenirs like this from all the places you visit?

  31. Oh wow!!! The bourse is beautiful and your BBD piece is just amazing! I LOVE the specialty stitches you worked in. Congrats Linda:)

  32. xangles

    Linda, your bourses are just too cute! And the colours in the Flea market are scrumptious 🙂 Now that I’m off the stash diet, it’s definitely going on my wish list.
    Get well soon, and happy stitching!

  33. Amazing job… It’s the best finish I’ve seen on this design. Congrats!

  34. Flea Market looks great. Congratulations on such a beautiful finish.

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