A visit to an antique store

I had to go out and do some shopping today. The fridge was basically empty and there were lots of other necessities that were needed. So since I was going out I decided to stop at an antique store that one of my stitching friends mentioned last weekend. She told me they had lots of buttons and other stuff so I just had to go and check it out. I used to be a regular at that place, but I never saw anything that I could use for my stitching there. But today I found some great treasures.

Buttons, lace and old pattern books

I found two old pattern books. They are not even dated so I have no clue how old they are. But there are some beautiful patterns in them, and even if they didn’t have any patterns that I thought were pretty, I would have gotten them anyway. I just love love LOVE old pattern books and am somewhat of a collector, especially of the old Icelandic ones.


These buttons were also screaming my name. I am going back to search in the thousands of buttons that are there when I have more time and energy. These were just some cute ones I found quickly.

Antique Lace

Lace. There were drawers full of them. It was a bit of a mess to go through so again, I am going back when I have more time and energy to go through everything. I am sure there are more treasures there that just really need a new home.

I love going to places like this one. There were 3 old sewing machines that I really really wanted and I would have gotten them all if I had a bigger place and a room to display them in. There was so much furniture there that I wanted. Oh, and old HUGE tin cookie boxes and just name it. The place is beautiful and full of all kinds of great stuff. I am going to be a regular there I think.

Oh, and I got a cute new hat! I just have to share a picture of yours truly wearing it. It is purple and sparkly! Oh so me!

Tonight I plan on taking it easy and watching a movie. I also have a new project to start for a birthday in my family that is coming up. I finally found the perfect thread to go with the fabric I had already picked out. Thanks to my mom for having a great eye for color and patterns! I had been looking through all my stash and had picked out some threads that I thought would work but wasn’t sure about anything. My mom comes over and finds something that I didn’t even consider and bamm! It is the perfect color! LOL! Gotta love her 🙂 Have a great weekend everyone!


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15 responses to “A visit to an antique store

  1. Birgitta

    Oh, æðislegt. Mig langar í gramsleiðangur.

  2. I love vintage pattern books (knitting). What a fun find! I am on the edge of starting to embroider after watching what Harpa J. is up to over on No Patterns. (that’s how I found your blog). Any suggestions on how to get started? (books in English?)

  3. Colleen

    Great stashing!!! Love that hat too!

  4. Great finds 🙂
    I hope you are feeling better 🙂

  5. Deborah Schroder

    I am drooling over your lace and buttons…..have lots of fun with them!!!

  6. Wow!! Wow!! Wow!! You found some wonderful treasures- I love the lace. I have some of the star buttons believe it or not and they are so adorable. I’m sure they are long gone, but it reminded me of when I had them!

    When I was little, one drawer on my mothers sewing machine table was filled to the top with buttons. How I loved pouring over them and never got tired of it.

    I have learned to cut buttons off old clothing that has interesting buttons and I even buy some clothing at thrift shops if they have interesting buttons then cut them off and toss the clothing!

    Enjoy your stash – love the hat – it’s you!

  7. Wonderful finds!!! I think I need to follow your lead and go to a couple of thrift stores and see what I can find.

    Love your hat, honey!!

  8. TDee

    Oh.. what wonderful finds. It looks like you will need a bunch of time to go through the stuff. Have fun.

  9. Björg

    Hvaða antíkbúð er þetta sem er með svona miklum fjársjóðum :)? Þyrfti endilega að komast í tölur og blúnduborða.

  10. I love those buttons!! And your new LHN start too – it’s one that I want to stitch too. I hope you’re feeling better.

  11. What a great stuff you found. Love the pattern books.

  12. Anna Össurardóttir

    Ég sé að þú hefur ekki farið í fíluferð, þær eru æðislegar blúndurnar og bækurnar. Og eitthvað hefurðu fundið af tölum :O)


  13. Some wonderful finds.

  14. What great finds. I’d definitely go back there again. Such beautiful lace and buttons.

  15. Ron

    Something you could do with old buttons. You could take hundreds or thousands of old buttons and sort them by size and color. Then take them and glue them to a piece of painting canvas or a piece of board in a pattern. You know, like a star or a moon or a persons face. you could the face of a clock pretty easy. White buttons then assemble colored buttons to be one the numbers, black buttons to be a border put a hole in the middle and get one of those clocks from Michaels or Hobby lobby and you have an authentic button clock.

    Maybe I will have to try this.

    You could also put them on a lamp shade.

    Luv ya

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