Bloggaversary! Draw! Fun! YAY!

Well, it is coming up.
I started blogging June 13th 2005 on Blogger. At first I started writing in Icelandic (as you can see if you read some of my old entries) but I soon changed to Icelandc and English and then only to English since I hated writing everything twice. I was pregnant with Karítas when I started blogging, on bed rest and horribly bored. The only thing that kept me going was my stitching and I was doing so much of it that I wanted to document some of it and my progress etc. I had been reading some stitching blogs and decided that I wanted to start blogging.

I gave up using blogger and started blogging here of February 5th 2007. On March 9th I managed to move all my old posts over from blogger to this blog so I am going to have that date as my Bloggaversary.

So, here is the deal. Leave a comment to this post (and this post only) for a chance to win *something* from me. I am going to put together a package of a little of this and a little of that. No pictures, it is going to be a surprise for the winner. It will include something stitched and finished by me. And maybe some stash too. Probably both, oh yes, both.

So comment away. I will draw names on March 9th – that is next Monday people!

I also want to thank each and every one of you for reading, commenting, not commenting, e-mailing, the cards, the good thoughts, the thoughtfulness, the kindness, the amazing spirit of all of you. I want to thank you for making blogging such a joy. I love reading your blog (yeah, that means you!) and I love hearing from you even if you do not have a blog. If you are thinking about starting a blog for your crafts, I say go for it! I have never regreted staring mine. It has gotten me in contact with some amazing people and I have learned so much from you all! So so much!


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76 responses to “Bloggaversary! Draw! Fun! YAY!

  1. Bea

    You are such an inspiration … your blog is beautiful, so are your stitched piece!

  2. Margaret Stedman

    Hi Linda, I am pleased to read a little about your history in blogging. I love to read your blog and you are a real inspiration. I’d love to be considered for your blogaversary gift. Have a really great day

  3. Sveina

    Það er svo gaman að lesa bloggið þitt Linda…góður penni á ferð:)

  4. corinna oliver

    always great stitching and photos
    motivating and inspiring
    sign me up

  5. Happy Bloggaversary!! I just love your blog and seeing your lovely stitching and designs. It’s a bonus to see your adorable daughters, too.

    I have always had a fascination with Iceland and seriously need to learn more about it.

    I have also wondered about the name of your blog “Litla Skvis”- is there an English translation?

    I would love to win your draw! What fun!! Surprises! I hope you have enjoyed writing your blog as much as I have enjoyed reading it!

  6. Deborah Schroder

    I have always enjoyed your blog and your stitching is just lovely.
    Please add my name to your drawing.

  7. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your fabulous finishes. And even more, I’ve enjoyed getting to know you better! 🙂

  8. Paula

    I really enjoy reading your blog and would love to be added to your Blogiversary drawing. Mine is coming up soon too! Have a great day =)

  9. Meghann

    I really enjoy seeing your beautiful finishes! Please enter me in your drawing. It would be an honor to have something you made.

  10. Kristjana

    Ég les bloggið þitt oft dáist að fallegu hlutunum sem þú saumar.

  11. Laura Mc Donald

    Congratulations on your blogaversary! I always enjoy seeing what you are stitching and hearing about the events in your life.


  12. Grenae Thompson

    Wow! Congratulations on your Blogiversary! Hope you have many more. Thanks for including me in your celebration give-away.

  13. A happy Bloggaversary to you 🙂
    Love reading your blog too Linda and I love how you include your life with your girls, your trips and oh yes, your stitching too!
    I would like to know the meaning of your blog title too 🙂

  14. Linda,
    Congratulations on your Bloggaversary.
    Your works are great inspiration for all of us. I would be happy to get something you made.
    Thank you for the chance,

  15. I have enjoyed reading your blog so thank you =)

  16. Jan

    Happy Blogversary.
    I love surprises , please include me in your draw.

  17. yay!! congratulations on your bloggaversary!! please add me to your drawing!

  18. Heleen

    Happy Blogaversary! Please include me in your drawing, thank you!

  19. Happy Bloggaversary to you Linda:)
    Thank you for your inspiration, for your friendship and kindness:) please add me too Dovilė

  20. Anna Guðjóns

    Alltaf jafn gaman að lesa bloggið þitt og þá sérstaklega skoða myndirnar af öllum fallegu hlutunum sem þú og þínar myndarlegu vinkonur í saumaklúbbnum þínum gera – öfunda ykkur af myndarskapnum.

  21. Congrats on your bloggerversary! I don’t think I’ve commented on your blog before, but I have really enjoyed reading your posts. Your needlework is very impressive.

  22. Happy blogoversary, dear Linda! It’s always a pleasure to read your blog – so keep on blogging!
    I would also like to participate in the draw 🙂



  23. Til hamingju með bloggafmælið!

  24. Anna Össurardóttir

    Hæ Linda mín.
    Alltaf gaman að kíkja á bloggið þitt og sjá afrekin þín.


  25. Haske

    Dear Linda,

    I discovered your blog not so long ago and I immediately fell in love with it!!! Your stitching is sooo beautiful!
    I would realy like to participate in your draw.

  26. Happy blogoversary! Would love to participate in your giveaway draw.

    Keep blogging.

  27. Monica

    Happy Bloggaversary!
    I love reading your blog and your stitching is inspiring!
    With love from an Italian stitcher,


  28. Happy blogoversary! You make such beautiful things and I just love your blog.

  29. Irmeli

    I have enjoued your blog very much since I found it few weeks ago. Your stitching and finishing are all awesome and you have such wonderful photos. They give many inspiration. Please add me in your drawing.

  30. lovely stitching and blog Linda, ~I ennjoy looking aroung when i get the time
    please enter me into your blogoversary drawing

    thanks Lisa

  31. I’ve always found your blog very inspiring: I love its clean, crisp look, and the pictures of all your lovely stitching are always so excellent – congratulations on the anniversary and may it continue to be a source of joy for you for many years to come.

  32. Oh happy blogoversary!
    Please enter me into your draw, I love surprises. Your blog is just beautiful and one could spend hours here looking at all the beautiful stitching.

  33. Happy blogoversary!
    I too discovered your blog a few weeks ago – and love your stuff!
    Please enter me in your draw; I’d love to see some of your stuff first hand!
    (Gratulerer med dagen – for å si det på norsk 🙂 )

  34. I like to receive a package from Island!
    So as you I have try to translate te cross-stitch part in English. I hope that more foreign stitchers visit my blog.
    Regards Riet.

  35. Jody

    Hi Linda,
    I totally love checking in on your blog and seeing what you have new (: Please enter me into your drawing as I would be honored to own something stitched by you dear!
    Jody from USA

  36. Amy

    Your blog is great! Thanks for visiting mine. Enter me in your drawing too please! Thanks Linda, Amy

  37. Happy, happy Bloggaversary!!! A little early since it’s not until June but a happy one to you. 🙂 May we see many many more Bloggaversary entries from you. I have your blog on my list and enjoy reading each entry. Your stitching is an inspiration. Please enter me in your drawing. I would be honored to be included.

  38. Happy Blogaversary. I would love to be entered in your draw.

  39. Congratulations Linda !! You have such a wonderfull blog which is joy to read and watch beautiful works and finishes.
    Hugs from Finland !

  40. Debra Scott

    I love your blog! It would be great to have something that you made.

  41. Codi Mitchell

    Your blog is beautiful. I am still somewhat of a viewer of blogs – trying to decided if I actually have time to create one – but I love the idea of the keeping a record of my stitching.

    Congratulations on your Blog and thank you for sharing your accomplishments.

  42. Þórhildur

    Linda mín, til hamingju með blogg afmælið. Frábært að kíkja á flotta saumaskapinn þinn, og lesa til að fá innblástur. Þvílíkt sem maður er búinn að uppgötva í gegn um bloggið þitt.
    Kv. frá Ísafirði

  43. Lindsay

    Happy Blogoversary, count me in

  44. Happy Blogaversary! I love looking at your stitching and finishes and your beautiful photos! Congratulations!

  45. Congratulations to you on your bloggaversary! I always enjoy seeing what you’re stitching or finishing, and I have found many other fun blogs to read through yours. Keep up the good work and though blogging takes time away from our stitching, it does inspire both the reader and writer.

  46. Happy Bloggy Day!!!! Yeah!!! Thanks for being an inspiration!

  47. Happy bloggaversary! Please enter my name in the drawing!

  48. Happy blogaversary, I love your website!
    Please enter me!

  49. Anja

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch !
    I love your blog and I come back again and again. I think you put all your heart in all things you do.
    I like to read about your stitching friends and your
    “stitching weekends”.
    And I like your fotos.
    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von

  50. Colleen

    Congrats on your soon to be anniversary!!! You always do such wonderful stitching and finishing!!!

  51. Ég laumast til að fylgjast með blogginu þínu alltaf því mér finnst svo gaman að sjá hvað þú gerir. Luv, Ásdís

  52. Þú gerir svo mikið að fallegum hlutum og tekur svo fallegar myndir af því ;o)

  53. Congrats on you bloggaversary! I love you blog and beautiful works!
    I’d love to be included in your drawing:)

  54. Diana

    Congratulations on your blog anniversary! I enjoy reading your blog. Please include me in your blog giveaway.

  55. moonchild776

    I am in awe and inspired by your work. I would love to be entered into your giveaway. Even if I don’t win it’s an honor to be able to read your blog. My blog is

  56. Linda,

    congratulations on your blog-anniversary!

    Please enter me, I’d like to be the winner ;))
    Thank you!


  57. Irma

    Hi Linda!
    Many congratulations on your blog anniversary! Your blog is great, I enjoy reading it several times a week. Thanks to you I started stitching Little House Neighborhood and I love it. Many regards from tame and flat NL to the wild and beautiful Iceland and to you,

  58. Would love to be included please. happy anniversary

  59. Happy Blogoversary Linda. Your blog has been an inspiration!

    Please enter me into your draw.

  60. xangles

    Congratulations, Litlas on your blogaversary. I find your blog a real pleasure to read. Thanks for being an insipration to stitchers. Please include me in your mystery giveaway. 🙂


  61. Björg Helgad.

    Úúú jibbí 🙂 verður spennó að vera í þessum potti. Til hamingju með bloggafmælið, kem hingað 3-4x í viku og er alltaf jafn spennt að sjá hvað þú ert að bauka. Hef fengið fullt af tips og fríum mynstrum og hef algjörlega smitast af saumaskapnum 🙂 kannski ég fari að koma með Ásdísi í einn saumaklúbbinn… kemur í ljós :). En ég vil endilega vera í þessum potti, krossa fingur 🙂 :).

  62. Dagný Ásta

    þú ert alltaf jafn aktív 😉

  63. Kate - UK

    Congratulations on your up-coming blogaversary! Love reading your blog and seeing what you are stitching and the way in whch you finish projects – keep up the great inspiration.

  64. Svenja

    Happy blogaversary! 🙂
    Love reading your blog, your stitching is so beautiful!

    Please add me to your drawing!

  65. Happy blogoversary! I have found your blog through Big Blog of Stitching Blogs – I think I have visited you earlier, too. Please count me in for the giveaway!

    Pirjo from Finland

  66. Kristen from MA

    Congratulations Linda! Your blog inspires me so much. Your stitching and finishing are always so perfect (especially your biscornus)!

  67. I do so enjoy your blog & would love a chance to win something done by you. You do lovely work and have a talent for interesting finishing. Happy Anniversary.


  68. Hi I´m from México City and I love to read your blog and see all the beautifull things you do and knowing about your girls, and all the things you let us know about you, I also have 2 girls one is almost 15 and the other is 5. Happy woman day!!!
    I love to be in your giveaway, hugs, Estela from Méx

  69. Linda, I would love a chance to be entered in this drawing! How fun and thank you very much! I hope all is ok with you and your friend! Meredith

  70. I would love to be entered into this drawing! Thank you so much! I hope all is well with you and your friend! Meredith

  71. Congratulations on your Bloggaversary! I’d love to be included in your drawing.

    I enjoy reading your blog–Iceland is so far away from Louisiana, but then, we’re really all so similar.

  72. Happy blogoversary! I’d love to participate in your draw. Thank you!

  73. Jeanie

    Congratulations on your blogoversary !! I would love a chance at your giveaway ! Thank you !

  74. I’m probably too late to be entered in the draw, but I’d like to wish you a happy blogoversary anyway!!

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