Knitting? Yes please.

I never should have signed up for Ravelry. Hah! If you have ever knitted and want to be bitten by the knitting bug again, Ravelry is the place to be. I have spent way to many hours there lately, looking at some yarn goodness, patterns, needles etc. Oh I love it!

I have been decided that my next knitting project will be this cape.

Ebony Cape
Ebony Cape – Design by Helga Isager

I love everything about it. It is just oh so me! It has my name written all over it! The only thing I do not like about the original is the color, if I dress in a color like that I look dead. Seriously. I need strong colors for my skin, hair and eye color. So today I went to a local knitting store, Nálin, to pick up yarn for it. The pattern is free if you buy the yarn there. Now, they have great selection of yarn but are a little pricey. I love the yarn I picked out, even though it was pricey. Very pricey. Oh well, it is not like I am stocking up on yarn (yet!!).

Tvinni Tweed by Isager
Tvinni Tweed 100% wool

See! Much better color for me. I am so in love with it! I think it is going to be so pretty when finished and I can’t wait to start. The only problem is the pattern. It is in Danish, and I am not very good at reading and understanding Danish. I will manage though. Google is my friend and I know plenty of knitters that read patterns in Danish and whatever language. So I will be ok with the help of my knitting friends. Now, I think I am going to cast on and get started. Oh yes I am!



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17 responses to “Knitting? Yes please.

  1. It is such a beautiful cape. Great color choice!

  2. Ravelry is fantastic…be sure to search for “free” patterns – you will be amazed 🙂



  3. Sonja

    Til hamingju með að vera farin að prjóna svona alvöru flíka á þig sjálfa 🙂 Vertu bara fegin að vera lítil um þig, annars hefðir þú þurft að eyða helmingi meira í garnið 😉 – Það er amk ein leið til að hugsa þetta.

  4. LOL…………and I’m sure your arm was twisted really hard to get back to knitting!! The cape is going to be beautiful!!

  5. Meiriháttar! Liturinn er æði!
    Svo er ekkert mál að spyrja inni á ravelry ef þig vantar eitthvað – ég er til dæmis ágæt í dönsku 😉

  6. Nice choice! Both the model and the yarn are great – cannot wait to see the result!

  7. That is a beautiful cape and I love the color you’ve chosen! Can’t wait to see yours knitted up!
    I really wish I knew how…maybe I’ll learn one day:)

  8. Colleen

    It is going to be beautiful! Can’t wait to see it when you are done!

  9. You’ve chosen lovely wool – I’ll look forward to seeing you knit this!

  10. It will be gorgeous!

    love love love ravelry

  11. Sandy

    Linda, That is going to be so pretty on you. I cannot wait to watch you stitch it up.

  12. You’ve been Awarded!
    Check my blog!

  13. Oh, I can understand you so well… 🙂 Knitting is good thing and Ravelry – just amazing!
    You’ve chosen very nice yarn, the cape would be great! Can’t wait to see your process.

  14. ÉG er alveg sammála þér, liturinn á prufunni er alls ekki flottur, en þessi glaði rauði litur sem þú hefur valið er æði. Þú getur alltaf sent mér mail, ef þú ert stopp í dönskunni, þá skal ég þýða fyrir þig. Er vön!! Var að þýða eina ísl uppskrift yfir á dönsku fyrir eina danska sem langaði svo í ísl lopa peysu!! Bara gaman að geta orðið að liði.
    Hlakka til að sjá framganginn.
    Berglind haf

  15. Birgitta

    Geðveikur litur!

  16. perhaf

    já þú ert sannarlega dugleg, býð fram hjálp ef þig vantar við þýðinguna, no prob þar á ferð. Prjónakveðjur Perla

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