A set of smalls for a birthday gift

I have been secretly stitching away on this for the last couple of days. This is a birthday gift for my fathers sister who is turning 50 tomorrow. I am pretty sure that she doesn’t know about my blog (I even called my mom to make sure) so I am taking my chance with posting these pictures here.

If you have been reading my blog for some time, you will know that I have done both of these patterns before. I am still not sick of them. To me it feels like if you play around with different fabric and threads and colors, you get a completely different outcome every single time. I love how this turned out. I was having a hard time figuring out the perfect floss to go with that fabric because her favorite color range are orange colors. So I knew I wanted to use this fabric, but I didn’t figure out what floss to use with it. One night my mom came over, and the genius that she is, spotted this floss right away. I started stitching and it just turned into this amazing set of smalls in my hands. I hope you enjoy these pictures.

Set of smalls - a birthday gift

Set of smalls - a birthday gift

Set of smalls - a birthday gift

Set of smalls - a birthday gift

Set of smalls - a birthday gift

Biscornu: Four Little Hearts by Indigo Rose
Scissor Case: Wildflower Hearts by Indigo Rose
Scissor fob: A small portion of Wildflower Hearts

Fabric: 32ct Cognaq Belfast
Thread: DMC #69

Next up is doing the finishing on the Bloggaversary gift for Jennifer. Yeah, I am way behind but things have been quite busy around here. I just hope that the finishing that I have in mind for that certain gift turns out as good as I hope. Wish me luck!


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39 responses to “A set of smalls for a birthday gift

  1. Taffy

    Wow – – these look wonderful. You did a great job.

  2. That is simply gorgeous!! I love the colors, the patterns, the whole look. Job well done.

  3. Very Beautiful! Such a rich gorgeous color. She is a lucky lady to be getting such a wonderful present.

  4. Your mum IS a genius – the floss is perfect for the fabric! Great finish, congrats! 🙂

  5. Sissú

    Helvítis snillingurinn þinn 🙂

  6. Bea

    Your talent is just incredible, I am SO jealous! 🙂

  7. Beautiful – as usual. You are truly gifted!

  8. She will be thrilled. Your mother was the genius picking out the right floss and you were the artist making this beautiful gift. Truly a gift that will be cherished.

  9. Oh my, these are simply gorgeous!! The colors and stitching and finishing are just perfect. I am sure your Aunt will love them.

  10. WOW! That is just gorgeous! Beautiful job!

  11. Jona

    Alveg geggjað hjá þér og flottir litir. Frænka þín verður alveg í skýjunum með þetta :o)

  12. thedunaways

    They are just gorgeous Linda. I so love the fabric you chose. They look yummy enough to eat! LOL!

  13. Amazing colours, that is a gorgeous set! You’ve been busy… ;o)

  14. colleen

    They are beautiful!! Great stitching and finishing!!!

  15. They are gorgeous as always! Your mom did a good job, too.

  16. Just beautiful, honey!!! She’s going to love it!!

  17. Gorgeous! The colors are so rich and vibrant.


  18. These are lovely! What a beautiful job you’ve done. The cognac ground and all the fabulous stitching make these pieces very special. You’re friend will be thrilled.

  19. It’s a wonderful set! I love the colour of the fabric, and the thread is just perfect for this fabric and this design!

  20. They are stunning, I am sure she will love them and the effort you made to use her favourite colours 🙂

  21. lovely:) great choise of colors.

  22. Wow, these are just gorgeous! Amazing colours, unusual and fresh! And finish is very beautiful as always 🙂

  23. Valda

    Just gorgeous! And great finishing!

  24. Very beautiful. I’m sure she will love them!

  25. Robyn in Oz

    Really pretty set! Very unusual & interesting colour combination – fabric looks more tan than orange.

  26. Really beautiful set! I would treasure it as a gift, for sure. The colors are just perfect, and your finishing is, too.
    Hugs, Deb

  27. Very beautiful! The colour of the fabric and the thread blend perfectly together!

  28. Wow! What a beautiful set. The colour combination of fabric and thread is stunning.

  29. What a gorgeous set Linda. I love the colours of the thread and fabric.

  30. What a beautiful set! I’d never thought of combining the two designs in a set, what a great idea! Many happy returns to your Aunt (late, I know – I hope she had a great birthday).

  31. this is a beautiful set!! Love the colors!

  32. It looks very beautiful. Good job 🙂

  33. They look gorgeous! She will love them.

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  35. Can you tell me how many threads you are using in your needle? It looks like more than 2 (DMC 48), which I have been unsuccessfully trying to use to cover Aida cloth using this Wildflowers freebie chart.

    Your work is exquisite! I am so inspired …

  36. I just found instructions: to wrap the unwound DMC variegated floss around a yardstick (36″ long) with the starting point of wrapping so that the MIDDLE of the lightest and darkest shade of floss will be at opposite ends of the yardstick. Cut floss at each end of the yardstick and at the center. This will make two shade groups of each floss color, approximately 18″ in length. One group will be light-to-medium and the other medium-to-dark. [some variation will occur]

    Stitch design. Complete each cross stitch individually.

    Is this how you do your variegated floss or do you follow other instructions? Your work is so lovely and so consistent, any tips you can share for working with this floss type will be very much appreciated.

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