A very belated gift for Tracy

I had my friends Tracy’s name for the Christmas exchange in our stitching group. I was super busy and needed extra time to do the finishing on it etc. so Tracy was gracious enough to give me all the extra time I needed to be able to finish it up as I wanted. I mailed her package about two weeks ago and she got it yesterday. She e-mailed me and told me she absolutely loved it so now I can share a picture of the finished product with you.

A gift for Tracy
Little Women Series by Little House Needleworks finished as a pillow.

The photo is really dark. The fabric around is green and the corners are purple. The back has the same purple fabric as the corners. I thought green would work best with these designs because each of them has something green in them so that was the only color they all had in common. I wanted to have something purple too since that is Tracy’s favorite color.

Close up of buttons
Here you can see the fabric better, the other photo is a bit dark. I added these cute wooden flower buttons to each corner as I thought the pillow needed a little something extra.

I am going to ask Tracy to take a picture of it stuffed and hopefully in daylight. It was still dark for so many hours a day when I took that picture that it didn’t turn out that well. She also had a birthday in February so she also got the Bourse I made during the Finishing weekend at my house.

Tracy I am so happy that you liked what I made for you and once again, I am so very sorry that the gifts were so late.


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15 responses to “A very belated gift for Tracy

    Love it, honey.

  2. Wow. That is amazing! What a treasure.

  3. Svala

    Ofboðslega er þetta fallegt. Hún hlýtur að hafa orðið himinsæl að fá svona fallegt stykki.

  4. Wonderful finish. I’m sure it was worth to wait for such a nice present

  5. Colleen

    It is wonderfully stitched and finished!!! Great job!!

  6. thedunaways

    Gorgeous finish Linda. I’m sure Tracy loves it!

  7. Ron

    It is even more beautiful in person. You are one talented and wonderful person Linda.

  8. What a wonderful stitching and finishing. No wonder that it took you a while to finish it.

  9. WOW! Beautiful finish!!!!

  10. It’s a lovely gift, you have a very lucky friend!

  11. TDee

    I feel very honored to get to see my gifts from you every day. Love ya.


  12. Another amazing finish!

  13. Linda that’s a beautiful finish!

    I said I wouldn’t buy any more charts until I finish some of the ones I already have, but your LHN finishes had been inspiring to me.

    Hope my charts get here soon.

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