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The secret is out!

Here is what I have been working recently. This is a set of smalls for my friend Birgitta who posted on her Facebook profile asking if someone wanted a knitted set of gloves, a scarf and a hat by her. I jumped at the offer (her knitting is beautiful!!) and she asked for a biscornu in return since she has been reading my blog and watching my stitching for quite some time. Well, I thought that a biscornu was not enough for all that I was getting in return, so I decided to add to the gift for her. And here is the result.

Set of smalls for Birgitta

Set of smalls for Birgitta

Set of smalls for Birgitta

Set of smalls for Birgitta

Pattern: Freebie from the EMS site, adapted to fit the biscornu and fob but used as is in the scissor case.
Fabric: Pale gray 32ct linen from my stash
Threads: DMC #52 and Perle Cotton #8 in 553
Chrystals: Swarovski

So that’s it! I will post pictures of the gloves, scarf and mittens once they arrive to Reykjavík from the north!

And now I have some sweaters to knit! One for my cousin and one for Ben’s sister. So I better get to it!


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No crafts, just music!

This weekend was dedicated to Iceland Airwaves, a music festival that has been a yearly thing here in Reykjavík for the past 11 years. It starts on Wednesday and ends on a Sunday. So 5 days full of music and events happening all over.

So, since I have no stitching or knitting to show you, but still wanted to blog (so that I do not disapear again from the blog world) here is a cute picture taken on my phone of me and my very good friend Lilja, listening and dancing to FM Belfast on Saturday night.

Linda & Lilja @ FM Belfast

And here is some FM Belfast love. Here they are playing Synthia (my favorite song) at the back yard of the legendary bar Sirkus that has now been closed.

I promise to give you a propper update on crafts very very soon. I am working very hard on finishing my secret stitching!


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Cheers – oh so cute!

I have been stitching much more recently. But it is all a secret at the moment since what I am working on is a gift for a friend. We are doing a trade. She is knitting me a hat, scarf and mittens, and I am stitching her something in return. I can’t wait to finish it up and mail it to her. I am sure I will finish it this week. Just bought more floss today since I was running out of the colour I am using.

Last night I was getting tired of stitching so I decided to try something tiny and very very cute! Something I had been wanting to try for quite some time! And here is the result!


Pattern: Cheers by Cheryl Niamath Freebie!
Needles: 3,5 sock needles
Yarn: Unspun Lopi wool 1 ply

Adorable isn’t it? It only took me about 1-2 hours or so. I am sooooo making more of these! I can see them as Christmas ornaments, like these here! I can see these on a line in my window, hung up with tiny little washing clamps made of wood. Cute!! Maybe I will knit them before Christmas 2010 when my knitting is a little more advanced.

And today I got this:
Knit Picks set

Knit Picks knitting set in sizes 6mm 5mm and 4mm. I am going to slowly start collecting the needles, also the double pointed ones. I am lusting after this. Well, if I am honest I am lusting after every single needle on that site. Hah!

Well, time to finish making dinner and feed the animals (children) of the house. Until next time!


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Award given finally!

Back in the good old days, you know, when I used to blog and stitch a lot more than I do these days, I had a competition on my blog. Commenter #4000 would get an award. And finally today, commenter #4000 got her award. Her name is Svala, and she lives here in Reykjavík so we could actually meet and I could give her her award in person! It took me a long time to finish since I lost my stitching mojo, and then planning the meeting also took a while, but it all worked out in the end, and earlier today, after work, Svala came to my house and got her award, and some coffee!

Thank you Svala for your visit, it was wonderful to finally meet you!
And here are pictures of the set of smalls that I made for her.

Set of smalls for Svala

Set of smalls for Svala

Set of smalls for Svala

Set of smalls for Svala

Thread: DMC 115
Linen: 32ct cream linen from my stash
Patterns: From my old Icelandic patternbooks, and a freebie from here

In other news, my boyfriend Ben visited my fair country for 12 days and left yesterday. I miss him terribly. This long distance stuff is hard! But worth it! We spent a week in a cabin in the countryside and did some driving around. Here you can see the pictures.


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