Cheers – oh so cute!

I have been stitching much more recently. But it is all a secret at the moment since what I am working on is a gift for a friend. We are doing a trade. She is knitting me a hat, scarf and mittens, and I am stitching her something in return. I can’t wait to finish it up and mail it to her. I am sure I will finish it this week. Just bought more floss today since I was running out of the colour I am using.

Last night I was getting tired of stitching so I decided to try something tiny and very very cute! Something I had been wanting to try for quite some time! And here is the result!


Pattern: Cheers by Cheryl Niamath Freebie!
Needles: 3,5 sock needles
Yarn: Unspun Lopi wool 1 ply

Adorable isn’t it? It only took me about 1-2 hours or so. I am sooooo making more of these! I can see them as Christmas ornaments, like these here! I can see these on a line in my window, hung up with tiny little washing clamps made of wood. Cute!! Maybe I will knit them before Christmas 2010 when my knitting is a little more advanced.

And today I got this:
Knit Picks set

Knit Picks knitting set in sizes 6mm 5mm and 4mm. I am going to slowly start collecting the needles, also the double pointed ones. I am lusting after this. Well, if I am honest I am lusting after every single needle on that site. Hah!

Well, time to finish making dinner and feed the animals (children) of the house. Until next time!


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5 responses to “Cheers – oh so cute!

  1. Very cute mini-sweater – great way to use up odd bits of yarn. Your knitting is lovely!

  2. Peysan er svo sæt og uppskriftin góð til að nota upp afganga, það getur ekki mikið farið í hana.

    Til hamingju með knitpicks prjónanna. Mér finnst þeir æði 😉 Ég nota reyndar málmprjónanna (fara betur með úlnliðinn minn) en tréprjónarnir eru náttúrulega langflottastir 😉

  3. Colleen

    It is adorable!!! Can’t wait to see how many you get done!

  4. Oh! that is adorable!! Good job!

  5. So lovely sweater! And your new needles… oh, just a dream! 😀

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