No crafts, just music!

This weekend was dedicated to Iceland Airwaves, a music festival that has been a yearly thing here in Reykjavík for the past 11 years. It starts on Wednesday and ends on a Sunday. So 5 days full of music and events happening all over.

So, since I have no stitching or knitting to show you, but still wanted to blog (so that I do not disapear again from the blog world) here is a cute picture taken on my phone of me and my very good friend Lilja, listening and dancing to FM Belfast on Saturday night.

Linda & Lilja @ FM Belfast

And here is some FM Belfast love. Here they are playing Synthia (my favorite song) at the back yard of the legendary bar Sirkus that has now been closed.

I promise to give you a propper update on crafts very very soon. I am working very hard on finishing my secret stitching!


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2 responses to “No crafts, just music!

  1. You both look like movie stars, posing for the papparazzi!

  2. fantastic airwaves as per usual! see you this week sometime!

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