The secret is out!

Here is what I have been working recently. This is a set of smalls for my friend Birgitta who posted on her Facebook profile asking if someone wanted a knitted set of gloves, a scarf and a hat by her. I jumped at the offer (her knitting is beautiful!!) and she asked for a biscornu in return since she has been reading my blog and watching my stitching for quite some time. Well, I thought that a biscornu was not enough for all that I was getting in return, so I decided to add to the gift for her. And here is the result.

Set of smalls for Birgitta

Set of smalls for Birgitta

Set of smalls for Birgitta

Set of smalls for Birgitta

Pattern: Freebie from the EMS site, adapted to fit the biscornu and fob but used as is in the scissor case.
Fabric: Pale gray 32ct linen from my stash
Threads: DMC #52 and Perle Cotton #8 in 553
Chrystals: Swarovski

So that’s it! I will post pictures of the gloves, scarf and mittens once they arrive to Reykjavík from the north!

And now I have some sweaters to knit! One for my cousin and one for Ben’s sister. So I better get to it!


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18 responses to “The secret is out!

    Love the colors and the pattern and the finishing is perfect as usual! 🙂

  2. A beautiful smalls set. Love the colours.

  3. I have no idea what a biscornu is, but your work is just beautiful!

  4. Jeanie

    Gorgeous ! Your works are soooooo beautiful !

  5. fallegt! dásamleg gjöf.

  6. Lovely work in Amethest! Beautiful.

  7. Bhooma

    Beautiful set. Love the colors you have used.

  8. That is a lovely set of smalls. I love the purple. I think you have picked a very appropriate gift in exchange.

  9. Hello,

    a few months ago I saw your first smalls on here. I like them very much and now I want to make the biscornu for a friend of mine. The only problem I noticed is that the freebie is gone 😦

    Is there a chance you still have it and want to share it with me please? Four Little Hearts by Indigo Rose is the freebie.

    Thanks a lot, Babs

  10. Björg

    Absolutely beautiful 🙂

  11. Colleen

    Beautiful!!! And I just love the colors!!! ; )

  12. Lovely stitching and finishing! Your friend will love this wonderful set.

  13. kaplakomminn

    Ofboðslega er þetta fallegt hjá þér.

  14. you compliment this embroidery and’ very beautiful

  15. Those are absolutely gorgeous!! I love the purples that you chose…

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