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WIP updates, new yarn and more.

So, first up is the WIP picture of my Necessities Sampler by Little House Needleworks. Started Saturday November 15th in the cabin with the girls. I am changing the blues to reds since red is much more my colour than blue. Pardon the wrinkles, I am stitching it in hand and will not press it until it is finished.

Necessities Sampler by LHN
Necessities Sampler by LHN
Fabric: 40ct Antique White Newcastle Linen
Threads: DMC

First half of Baggy Bolero that is being knitted for myself. Working in the second half right now and am almost to the last increasing.

First half of Bolero
Pattern: Baggy Bolero found here
Yarn: 1 strand Einband in black and one strand Plötulopi in dark purple

Last night my friend Guðbjörg came over with bags full of delicious yarns that she was selling for a friend of ours. I bought the following.

Schoppel Wolle
Schoppel Wolle: 420m = 100gr – 25% Nylon 75% wool. Out if it I am going to knit this scarf, featured in Lopi 29.

Posh Yarn - Impress
Posh Yarn – Impress: Elinor, superwash pure merino sock yarn. 400 yds / 100 gr.

I am going to knit a shawl out of these two delicious hanks of wool. I have not decided on a shawl yet, but am browsing Ravelry like a crazy person these days for some inspiration and ideas. Have my eyes on a few, but nothing has been decided yet. Besides, I can’t start a shawl until after Christmas sometime.


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A nice weekend away

Me and a part of my stitching group (Rósa, Erla, Guðbjörg, Aiste and her daughter Amelía) went away to a cabin in the country for the weekend. We left on Friday after work, and after a short stop at a grocery store to get supplies we drove out of town. Like always, as soon as we got there we started stitching/knitting.

Guðbjörg, Rósa, Erla Björk and Amelía

On Saturday Rósa made us a wonderful meal of chicken and vegetables, baked in the oven topped with cheese and rice, salad and bread, washed down with some white wine. Thank you Rósa for a wonderful meal!

Delicious food made by Rósa

The youngest of the group, Amelía (8 months old) was a complete angel the entire weekend and we played a little.

Amelía and me

Aiste (her mother) finished a wool west, her second ever knitting project. Rósa finished socks and learned how to knit two things at the same time using a long circular needle and the magic loop method. Guðbjörg finished a hat. Erla got her advent calendar done and did some of the ornaments to hang on it (you can see pictures of it on her blog). I did half of my bolero and started Necessities Sampler by Little House Needleworks. I am changing the colour scheme from blues to reds. I also knitted a little on the baby kimono (Ravelry Link) I am doing for a charity project.

My stuff

Thank you my wonderful friends for a great, great weekend! You have no idea how much they, and YOU, mean to me! More Pictures from the trip can be found on my flickr account.


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Another one bites the dust!

Yup, more knitting!
This was made as a special request for my nephew who is 16 years old. He wanted an old fashioned but traditional Icelandic wool sweater. So I suggested the free patterns found here (sorry, they are in Icelandic only) and he found one that he loved. So, the wool was bought and delivered and I started it. Last night I finished it and tonight he came over to pick it up. I couldn’t take pictures of him wearing it since it is too dark for picture taking, but hopefully one day I can show you a picture of him in it.

Sweater for Kjartan Orri

Sweater for Kjartan Orri

Sweater for Kjartan Orri

Pattern: Lopi 156 by Álafoss found here (a .pdf file in Icelandic)
Needles: 4mm and 6mm Knit Pro
2 ply unspun Plötulopi from Ístex in colours 1038, 0003 and 0009

Next up is this gorgeous bolero for myself! Bought the yarn for it today! And a sweater for Emily and one for Sumarrós and and and and…..  Sigh.. I am hopeless right?


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Copenhagen, oh how I adore thee!

I spent last Saturday and Sunday in Denmark’s beautiful capital, Copenhagen. This is my 4th visit to the city, and I absolutely adore it. It grows a little on me every hour spent there, and one day, some day, I would love to live there.

They were fun!

I went with my co-workers from the financial department of my company and we had a fabulous time. I also met some Icelandic friends that live there, like Ási and Hjalli and it was wonderful to see them after more than a year!

Me and my co-workers went out to dinner on Saturday to Spiseloppen, a great restaurant located in Christiania. If you ever go through Copenhagen I highly recommend both walking through Christiania and eating at Spiseloppen. I had the vegetarian dish but also tasted the duck and the deer and it was all very very good! And not that expensive either.

Stairway to heaven

I certainly did not take as many pictures as I wanted to, a shame really, since I did SO MUCH walking around! But oh well, I know I will be back there anyway. I really want to take Ben there next time I go! I just know he would love it too.


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