Another one bites the dust!

Yup, more knitting!
This was made as a special request for my nephew who is 16 years old. He wanted an old fashioned but traditional Icelandic wool sweater. So I suggested the free patterns found here (sorry, they are in Icelandic only) and he found one that he loved. So, the wool was bought and delivered and I started it. Last night I finished it and tonight he came over to pick it up. I couldn’t take pictures of him wearing it since it is too dark for picture taking, but hopefully one day I can show you a picture of him in it.

Sweater for Kjartan Orri

Sweater for Kjartan Orri

Sweater for Kjartan Orri

Pattern: Lopi 156 by Álafoss found here (a .pdf file in Icelandic)
Needles: 4mm and 6mm Knit Pro
2 ply unspun Plötulopi from Ístex in colours 1038, 0003 and 0009

Next up is this gorgeous bolero for myself! Bought the yarn for it today! And a sweater for Emily and one for Sumarrós and and and and…..  Sigh.. I am hopeless right?


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15 responses to “Another one bites the dust!

  1. Yup, you are! 😉
    But the sweater is BEAUTIFUL!
    You did an awesome job, girl! 🙂

  2. Sonja

    No, you are normal.

    I have gazillion projects I want to do and even have yarn for a whole bunch of them.

  3. Sonja

    And great sweater btw

  4. Wow! This sweater is so beautiful.

  5. It’s a great sweater! love the real Icelandic look

  6. Beautiful sweater, lucky nephew!

  7. Flott peysa – ekta stráka.

  8. Gorgeous. I love “old fashioned but traditional Icelandic sweaters.” (We just call them Icelandic sweaters, sorry.) I used to have a one done up in raspberry Lopi. I wonder what became of it. (Besides the sweater becoming too small…or was that me too big?)

  9. Colleen

    The sweater turned out BEAUTIFUL!!! Great job!

  10. What a beautiful piece of work that is. You are one talented lady!!

  11. Knitting is so involving thing, I could understand you easily… 😀
    Very beautiful sweater, colours are just great – natural and warm, and amazing joke pattern!

  12. What a beautiful sweater. Wish I could knit like that. With a grandbaby on the way I would knit my fingers off. LOL!

  13. It’s gorgeous! I love the traditional colors, too.

  14. Hello, my first visit here~what a lovely time I’ve had, thank you for sharing your lovely handwork. Your finishing and wool sweaters are oh so beautiful! You are lucky to knit such beauties.

    Sweet Stitchin….

  15. This is gorgeous. Absolutely love it.

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