Árbæjarsafn í Reykjavík

Today, me and my friend Lilja took my girls to Árbæjarsafn to see the Christmas Fair. It was wonderful and something that I would like to make a new tradition with my girls. The old houses have such an amazing spirit and are so beautiful! The employees dress up in old traditional Icelandic clothes and are all so very friendly. You could try some smoked lamb, see a printer at work, a toy maker, the old Santa’s were running around. Yes, I said Santa’s. We have 13 of them. Check out the link, they are fun!

Árbæjarsafn - Reykjavík
Me and Karítas in Árbæjarsafn today.

Árbæjarsafn - Reykjavík

I took a bunch of pictures today, and you can see them all here. There are some amazing stitched and embroidery pieces there!

I am still working on Christmas presents. Me and my daughter made these notebooks for her friends for Christmas the other day and she is so happy about them!

Notebook by Sumarrós Notebook by Sumarrós Notebook by Sumarrós & me

I am knitting, stitching and doing other crafts also. Every night is planned and used to the fullest so I am busy busy busy. I promise loads of pictures after Christmas. Only 5 days until I go to England. Stressing a bit, but I keep telling myself that it is all going to be OK. Oh, and to you rude anonymous commenters who claim I am a bad mother for not spending Christmas with my kids, I have one thing to day. Mind your own! I deleted those nasty comments and if you do not have the courage to talk to me and say your name, it is better to keep quiet. You do not know me, and have absolutely no right to judge me.

To all the other sweet persons that have been faithful readers for years! Thank you! Thank you for coming back and for all the support and kindness you have shown me over the years. I hope you and your families have an amazing time over the holidays. Much love!


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9 responses to “Árbæjarsafn í Reykjavík

  1. Enjoy your trip to England. I am sure you will miss your girls and they will miss you too but you have the rest of the year to be together! I look forward to seeing your wonderful pictures of your trip.

    I love the beautiful decorated notebooks.

  2. ótrúlegt hverju fólki getur dottið í hug að skipta sér af! og greinilega alveg meira en nóg að gera hjá þér, eins og það á að vera hjá barnafjölskyldu fyrir jólin. góða ferð til Bretlands og gleðileg jól!
    ps. frábærar bækur fyrir vinina

  3. Loved the pictures, thanks for sharing. I can’t believe people would call you a bad mother and do so anonymously! You gave them what they deserved, kudos to you.

  4. Árbæjarsafn var ædislega gaman- ég fór stundum thegar ég bjó á Íslandi!
    I’m sorry people are sending you nasty comments! You are certainly not a bad mother! I’m sure you will miss them a lot, but I’m sure they’ll have a great time with their fathers too. Have a great trip to the UK!
    I agree with Frida- the books for the friends are really cute! Well done. (And thanks for the idea! Now I just have to convince my girls about it!)

  5. Björg

    Hlakka mikið til að sjá myndir eftir jólin af öllu því sem þú ert búin að vera að gera. Þú ert eiginlega búin að smita mig svo mikið að ég er að hugsa um að halda uppi allavegana myndasíðu af því sem ég er að gera 🙂 🙂 set hana upp eftir jólin vonandi.
    Segi annars bara gleðileg jól og hafðu það rosa gott úti. Veit að stelpurnar eiga eftir að sakna þín eins og þú þeirra, en mér finnst einmitt svo gott hjá þér að fara út, myndir bara sakna þeirra enn meira ef þú værir hér heima án þeirra. Svo koma önnur jól 🙂 :).
    Knús og klemm! Gleðileg jól!

  6. I just sent off a package to your doorstep. It may take a few days . . . maybe you’ll get it before Christmas!!! Gledileg Jol!

    We just celebrated a Jolabjarnabol here. The 13 lads and Grlyla (spelling) visited. Very funny for all.

    We’ll be celebrating the 23rd with hangikjöt, peas, potatoes and laufabrod. Sound familiar?!?

  7. I wish people could follow my mother’s advice – “if you don’t have anything nice to say, then say nothing at all…” Personally I think it’s wonderful that you have Ben and his family to hang out with at Christmas while your kids are at their father’s – otherwise you’d just be feeling lonely without them. I don’t often comment these days, but I just had to drop by and comment on this post – bah humbug to those anonymous commenters … and all the very best to you and your family over Christmas and New Year 😀

  8. Hope you are having a nice time over here even though the weather is pretty bad! Your girls are too cute 🙂


  9. Jan

    Anyone who reads your blog knows how much your girls mean to you. You always have something to say about them. They are sweet beautiful girls. People who make nasty comments are just plain sorry and jealous. You have a good holiday and lots of fun in the UK.

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