For Sumarrós

The lopapeysa for my daughter Sumarrós is ready. I finished it last night and washed it so it was drying today. Sumarrós was not that happy that she could not wear it to school today, but it was not completely dry and I certainly did not want her to get cold and for the sweater to be stretched out of shape.

She is super excited that she will be able to wear it to school tomorrow though! I am very happy with the outcome also.

Sumarrós in her Lopapeysa

Sumarrós in her Lopapeysa

Sumarrós in her Lopapeysa

The pattern is from Teikn 10 from Lopi 28. That pattern is meant as a dress and is only charted up to 5 years. So I made it bigger and longer, added sleeves. The high collar is a last minute add on. She originally wanted a hood, but decided that she did not want one when I was halfway there. So I folded what I had done in two and sewed it down. Added clasps (and need to add at least one more for that gap, I ran out!) and a button over them. I used 5mm needles instead of the recommended 4 1/2mm since I had to make the sweater big enough. The lopi still knits up beautifully like that. I love these colors on her. That deep purple that we picked as the main color is fast becoming one of my favorite color available in the lope colorway.


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7 responses to “For Sumarrós

  1. Vá, vá, VÁ!!! Ég elska hana, hún er vægast sagt ÆÐI!
    Og ég er alveg sammála með þennan lit, hann er svakalega flottur.

  2. Pretty–the girl and the sweater!

  3. You are the most beautiful people…honestly! And your little dear looks just like you!

  4. Falleg peysan og fer henni rosa vel. Þessi litur er líka einn af mínum uppáhalds í lopanum, svo djúpur og fallegur.

  5. Gorgeous knitting, well done!

  6. This is beautiful, and so is your model. 🙂

  7. Charming sweater & cute model.

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