Odessa hat, haircut and more stitch markers

I survived the nasty flu! Ugh, at one point I seriously thought that this was it. I have not been this sick for a very long time. I was finally fever free on Saturday. Late on Friday afternoon I remembered that I had an appointment to get my hair cut. Since there is a very long waiting list I dragged myself up and out and went to get it cut, wrapped up in my new oh so warm shawl. I like how it turned out. I let the hair dresser do his job and said that I did not care what he did.

Hair cut
After hair cut. Yes, I have a lot of hair!

This weekend has been quiet. I have very little energy still so I have been taking things slowly. Went to one art exhibition yesterday and spent the rest of the time knitting, watching movies, playing with the kids and making stitch markers. I finished one very quick project, the Odessa hat (Ravelry link)

Odessa top

Pattern: Odessa by Grumperina
Yarn: Mirasol Yarn K’acha
Needles: 3.5mm and 4mm
The pattern was supposed to have beads, but I did not care for them.

I also spend some time last night making more stitch markers and watching Beetlejuice. I love that movie.
Here are some examples of the stitch markers, more can be found here. These will be sent to my mom’s sister who lives in Denmark. She called me all excited after seeing the first batch on facebook and wanted me to make her to send to her so that she could see if she could sell them for me. If that goes well, I am even considering opening up a little etsy store for them. We shall see. Would you be interested? Just curious! :o)


Blue and pink

Pink and silver

I hope you all had a great weekend! I for one am excited to get back to work tomorrow after almost an entire week away!


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10 responses to “Odessa hat, haircut and more stitch markers

  1. Your haircut looks wonderful!

    I love the odessa hat and stitch markers too!

  2. Your stitch markers are beautiful. But, please forgive me for being so obtuse, but I cannot see how they would be used. The only stitch markers I have seen are little springy things like a plastic safety-pin, which could be unhooked when they were no longer needed. Are the markers just slipped over the needle as you are knitting along, or looped through with yarn? How do you unattach them once they are no longer needed?

    The hat is wonderfully done and your tension throughout seems so nice.

    • Hi Carolyn!

      These stitch markers are slipped up to your needle yes and stay there for as long as you need them. You just slip them over to your other needle when you pass by them. They are good for marking the start of a round (I used one for the Odessa hat), where a pattern should start, an out take, an increase etc. You are right, they can not be used to hook into a project.
      When they are no longer needed, you just slip them of the needle once you are at the right place.

      Hope that helps!

  3. Yes, it does. And I hope that your job situation at the bank is not dependent upon your country’s dilema with the financial forces that be–I wish you peace and security in that situation.

    • Thank you but I do not work at a bank, I work for an airline and am very happy to say that last year was the best year so far for the company so we are very happy 🙂

      We had a yearly dinner last weekend and all the employees got a generous bonus!

  4. Hi Linda, your hair, the hat and the shawl all look fantastic 🙂 Good to hear your feeling better too, that nasty flu can really wipe you out.

    I’ve got the Odessa hat in my pile of To Knit soon pattern, might just have to start it sooner now I’ve seen yours – love the colour you used.

    Take care

  5. Ferlega flott hjá þér. Væri alveg til í þessa húfu 🙂

  6. I love your hat, and your new haircut is lovely.

  7. Rosalega ertu búin að setja mikið af flottu inn á bloggið þitt síðan ég *skoðaði* það síðast. Meiriháttar fallegt allt.

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