I love Iceland – part 23985982983 or so.

As some of you might know, we have an ongoing volcanic eruption here that started in Eyjafjallajökull on March 21st. Thanks to a dear friend, I was invited to take part in a jeep ride up the glacier to visit the eruption site. It was one of the most amazing, powerful, breathtaking, COOL experiences I have ever had! There were 4 jeeps in all, better to stay in groups on these glaciers just in case you know!

Our awesome jeep!

We drove out of town around 4pm and reached the brim of the glacier at about 6.30pm or so. Then we took the air out of the tires and up we went. It was such an amazing day! Sun shining, no wind but plenty of cold. It got down to -22°c (that is about -7,6 F) on the glacier on the way back, damn cold! But so worth it!

On Mýrdalsjökull

We could see the smoke steaming from the volcano a long time before we reached the site, even before we reached the glacier. In fact as soon as you are out of Reykjavík, heading south-east you can see it if it is a clear day. And as we got closer it just got more and more glorious. It was twilight so the colors were just amazing! The ride on the glacier was incredibly fun and amazing thanks to the lovely weather we got! And all along I had butterflies in my stomach to get there, I felt like a kid at Christmas. And then, you get there and it is just, just, just…..

And there you have it


BEAUTIFUL! I have never seen anything like it! You can get quite close to it, but off course you have to be very careful! The heat from it is just incredible and the sounds! Oh my lords the sounds! There is no way describing this. All I can say is, if you have EVER thought about coming to Iceland, now is the time! There are few things that top crossing a glacier on awesome jeeps with experienced mountain guides and ending up at a volcanic eruption!


We had a pic nick on the hood of the jeeps and just sat there mesmerized. The ride back was an adventure too as we got stuck a couple of times but got pulled up by the people who were traveling with us. Let me tell you, being dressed warmly inside a jeep on the top of a glacier, cruising, with a clear star filled sky and a full HUGE moon, with a trail of jeeps ahead and behind you that form a line on the glacier that looks like a Christmas lights series. There is nothing in this world like it.

More pictures here.


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12 responses to “I love Iceland – part 23985982983 or so.

  1. Man if I had a job I’d be on the next flight! Unfortunately, the dude is too sensible when it comes to $$.

    Your photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your lovely country with us!

    • Well at least you would not have to get a hotel (tell him that) since you are lucky enough to know a certain someone here 😉

      Come on, get over here, I know you want to!

      And you are welcome, it is my pleasure!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing those pictures, they are fantastic! Absolutely stunning and breathtaking! Just WOW!

  3. What a fantastic post. The photos are amazing. Did anyone take video? I’m sure it would not quite capture what is was really like. Amazing. An experience of a lifetime.

    huh. truly the land of fire and ice.

  4. Those are amazing photos! I can only imagine how impressive it is in real life.

  5. Colleen

    WOW!!! That sounds and looks beautiful!!! What a day that you will never forget!

  6. What a once in a lifetime experience! We didn’t have vulcanos in Holland.
    Happy eastern.
    Regards Riet

  7. Annlie

    Oh, yes : )

  8. AÖ(Rósa)

    Hæ Linda

    Þetta eru flottar myndir og flott veður sem þið hafið fengið þarna um morguninn.

    Gleðilega páska.

  9. Amazing photos Linda – thanks for sharing!

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