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More eruptions.

As most of you probably know, the volcano eruption that I visited the other day has stopped. But instead we got another active one, in the same glacier, but much bigger.

Here are some incredible photos from the eruption site and the surrounding area. The one I visited the other day was tiny really, beautiful and tourist friendly. This one is definitely not. Air traffic has s topped as the ash could spreads over Europe. The company I am working for, as well as most airlines in Europe, are taking the hit.

Things are OK in the capital area where I am. If the wind starts blowing from the East we might get some ash over here. Things change every minute, it is scary. My heart and thoughts are with everyone that suffer from this. I am also crossing fingers that this will not wake up Katla, a big nasty volcano that has been sleeping since 1918. That volcano usually erupts once every 100 years or so, but everyone is hoping that it is not going to happen any time soon as the effects of that would be world wide since that eruption would be a hell of a lot bigger than this. There is also a chance of massive floods due to glacier melting if that happens. So yes, hoping hoping hoping that it does NOT happen. So far nothing is indicating that it will happen. Hopefully it will stay that way.

More pictures can be found in this photo pool on Flickr, but from the current one and the on I visited that has died down.

Here is a video on youtube.

Here is a video from an explosion in the eruption. It happens after about 6 seconds or so.


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For the best cousin in the world.

If you have read me for some time, you have probably noticed me mentioning cousin Bjarki, the best cousin in the world. If you haven’t, read back some entries and I am sure he will come up soon. Our mothers are sisters, and I am the first grandchild in the family, and after me comes him. So we are practically like brother and sister. We have always been very close, best friends and soulmates. He is there for me, I am there for him. We have been through some rough times and have had each other to lean on more often than I care to remember. He adores my cooking, I adore his taste in music. He likes my company, I like his company. So we hang out, a lot. If we do not hear from each other for more than 2-3 days we call each other and he comes over for dinner or a movie or just talks. He means the world to me. And my girls, you should really see them when he is around. He is called Bjarki Besti in my house, Bjarki the best. And for good reason!

So when he showed interest in my knitting I jumped at it. We looked at patterns and found the perfect one for him and we went to Álafoss to buy wool. He picked out the colors himself and I love how they turned out with the pattern.

So I present to you, Bjarki Besti, wearing the sweater I knitted with 27 years worth of love 🙂

Hlekkur for cousin Bjarki

Hlekkur for cousin Bjarki

Hlekkur for cousin Bjarki
Pattern: Hlekkur from Lopi 28
Yarn: Létt Lopi from Ístex
Needles: 3.5mm and 4.5mm

I took the girls to the movies to see ‘How to Tame your Dragon’ yesterday. The movie was great! Much better than I expected and the girls loved it. Now the discussion at my house is mostly about what kind of a dragon we want, what color it should be and what we would name it. And what is it with kids and glasses. My kids love theirs!

Geeky kids
Sumarrós, Stephanie from Lazy Town and Karítas.

Oh, and the stitch markers that me and Rósa are doing now have a page on Facebook. Become a fan if you are interested.


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Lopi dress

A friend of mine asked me sometime in February to knit a dress for her sister out of Icelandic wool, lopi, and with a traditional pattern. We did run into two problems though. The first one is that we did not find a dress that we liked in my pattern books, but found bits and pieces of this and that that we did like. This color combination, this shape for the body, this pattern for the chest piece, this but not the sleeves, this pattern for the lower part etc. The second is that the sister is located in Berlin and the dress was supposed to be a complete surprise to her. So I could not get her measurements. I took my friends measurements, and then added a bit there, took out a bit at another place, made it a bit shorter since the sister is shorter than my friend etc.

The knitting part was fun, and a bit adventurous as I did not know if all the adding this, leaving that, shortening this etc. would all work out in the end or not. The colors were great, I liked the pattern we picked and the rest was just me winging it.

Knitted dress

My friend then came over when the dress was finished and it was perfect on her. I crossed my fingers that it would be as perfect for her sister! My friend then went to Berlin to see her sister and gave her the dress. She texted me the night she gave it to her, and told me that it fit perfectly. Yesterday she sent me pictures and she was right, it fits and looks great on her!

Knitted dress

I am so glad! And proud of myself for making it work somehow. It was fun and challenging and really did teach me a lot of new tricks and stuff. That kind of knitting is always fun!


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Off course I could not wait…

… to start knitting with the dyed yarn. This was supposed to be for Sumarrós, but she did not like the color of the yarn enough. Then again, Karítas absolutely loved it, and has been asking me for a shawl/scarf thing for a while now, so it just came naturally. It only took me a day to knit. I washed and lightly blocked it last night and now the little one is wearing it with pride, super happy.

Lacy Baktus for Karítas

Lacy Baktus for Karítas

Lacy Baktus for Karítas

Lacy Baktus for Karítas

Pattern: Lacy Baktus by Terhi Montonen
Yarn: my hand dyed yarn. Base yarn is Kambgarn from Ístex.
Needles: 3.5mm
The project on Ravelry

I have dyed more yarn for Sumarrós in colors that she picked herself for another one of these, just bigger. She wants hers to be more like a shawl to be able to wrap herself up in it. It is dry now, so I am going to wind it and start knitting it today hopefully. We are staying home since both the school and the play school are closed. Back to work tomorrow. This has been a very nice holiday.


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Hand dyed yarn

I have wanted to try out dyeing yarn for a long time now. Me and Rósa have talked about it often and after some research and brainstorming we decided to go for it. Our friend Lilja also took part and we were dyeing both yesterday and the day before. We used wool, Eingirni, Létt Lopi, Bulky Lopi, Kambgarn, Tysil Garn and more.

Following are my photos of the yarn that I did for myself. The rest of the yarns are drying still and have yet to be wound but they will get photographed as soon as they are ready.

Kambgarn in pink, purple and blue. Will become a shawl/scarf for Sumarrós.
Kambgarn in pink, purple and  blue

Eingirni in purple.
Eingirni in Purple

Eingirni in two shades of brown and grey-ish blue.
Eingirni in grey-ish blue, and two shades of brown

Iglo soft from Tysil Garn in cherry red.
Iglo in cherry red

Eingirni in green.
Eingirni in green

Létt lopi in olive green.
Létt lopi in olive green

Bulky Lopi in grey.
Bulky Lopi in grey

Off course now my head is drowning in ideas of what to do next and how to do it. I am sure there will be many more of these posts in the future. I already have some more yarn ready and everything.


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