Hand dyed yarn

I have wanted to try out dyeing yarn for a long time now. Me and Rósa have talked about it often and after some research and brainstorming we decided to go for it. Our friend Lilja also took part and we were dyeing both yesterday and the day before. We used wool, Eingirni, Létt Lopi, Bulky Lopi, Kambgarn, Tysil Garn and more.

Following are my photos of the yarn that I did for myself. The rest of the yarns are drying still and have yet to be wound but they will get photographed as soon as they are ready.

Kambgarn in pink, purple and blue. Will become a shawl/scarf for Sumarrós.
Kambgarn in pink, purple and  blue

Eingirni in purple.
Eingirni in Purple

Eingirni in two shades of brown and grey-ish blue.
Eingirni in grey-ish blue, and two shades of brown

Iglo soft from Tysil Garn in cherry red.
Iglo in cherry red

Eingirni in green.
Eingirni in green

Létt lopi in olive green.
Létt lopi in olive green

Bulky Lopi in grey.
Bulky Lopi in grey

Off course now my head is drowning in ideas of what to do next and how to do it. I am sure there will be many more of these posts in the future. I already have some more yarn ready and everything.


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6 responses to “Hand dyed yarn

  1. I love that red! If you asked my favorite colors generally, I’d say blues, bright greens, purple. But for some reason I am really drawn to that beautiful red! Keep up the good work!

  2. Hafrún

    Geggjað þetta verð ég að prófa

  3. vala

    vá þetta er gorgeous hjá ykkur! æðislegir litir

  4. Love them all, as I’ve said before.
    We sure have to this again in not so distant future, my dear!

  5. Ekkert smá flott garn hjá þér!

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