Off course I could not wait…

… to start knitting with the dyed yarn. This was supposed to be for Sumarrós, but she did not like the color of the yarn enough. Then again, Karítas absolutely loved it, and has been asking me for a shawl/scarf thing for a while now, so it just came naturally. It only took me a day to knit. I washed and lightly blocked it last night and now the little one is wearing it with pride, super happy.

Lacy Baktus for Karítas

Lacy Baktus for Karítas

Lacy Baktus for Karítas

Lacy Baktus for Karítas

Pattern: Lacy Baktus by Terhi Montonen
Yarn: my hand dyed yarn. Base yarn is Kambgarn from Ístex.
Needles: 3.5mm
The project on Ravelry

I have dyed more yarn for Sumarrós in colors that she picked herself for another one of these, just bigger. She wants hers to be more like a shawl to be able to wrap herself up in it. It is dry now, so I am going to wind it and start knitting it today hopefully. We are staying home since both the school and the play school are closed. Back to work tomorrow. This has been a very nice holiday.


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4 responses to “Off course I could not wait…

  1. Colleen

    Just beautiful!!! Nice work and a cute model too!

  2. Beautiful work, and she looks so happy with it – your hand-dyed yarn is gorgeous!

  3. Oh, what a darling little wrap. Perfect for her tiny shoulders – she looks happy. I can’t believe you finished it in one day. Mine started out quickly, but then too ages to finish…

    Can’t wait to see the bigger version you are working on.

  4. LOVELY! Love how it turned out and Karítas looks adoreble wearing it!

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