Lopi dress

A friend of mine asked me sometime in February to knit a dress for her sister out of Icelandic wool, lopi, and with a traditional pattern. We did run into two problems though. The first one is that we did not find a dress that we liked in my pattern books, but found bits and pieces of this and that that we did like. This color combination, this shape for the body, this pattern for the chest piece, this but not the sleeves, this pattern for the lower part etc. The second is that the sister is located in Berlin and the dress was supposed to be a complete surprise to her. So I could not get her measurements. I took my friends measurements, and then added a bit there, took out a bit at another place, made it a bit shorter since the sister is shorter than my friend etc.

The knitting part was fun, and a bit adventurous as I did not know if all the adding this, leaving that, shortening this etc. would all work out in the end or not. The colors were great, I liked the pattern we picked and the rest was just me winging it.

Knitted dress

My friend then came over when the dress was finished and it was perfect on her. I crossed my fingers that it would be as perfect for her sister! My friend then went to Berlin to see her sister and gave her the dress. She texted me the night she gave it to her, and told me that it fit perfectly. Yesterday she sent me pictures and she was right, it fits and looks great on her!

Knitted dress

I am so glad! And proud of myself for making it work somehow. It was fun and challenging and really did teach me a lot of new tricks and stuff. That kind of knitting is always fun!


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8 responses to “Lopi dress

  1. þessi er rosalega flottur.

  2. For a ‘put together’ that is fantastic! you are so talented!

  3. Magnificant! Congratulations on this attractive dress!

  4. It’s beautiful. Quite an accomplishment – piecing and guessing and calculating. What a gift.

  5. Colleen

    That is beautiful!!! You are very talented!

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