Lopapeysa for Inga Rún

The commission knitting sweater is done, and has been done for a few weeks. But finally today I remembered to bring my camera to work, and Inga remembered to bring the sweater so I could actually take pictures of her wearing it. I am so happy with how it turned out, I think it looks really good on her. Fits like a glove! And since I did not really have a pattern to follow I am even more happy. Inga is a co-worker who also happens to be the little sister of an old friend of mine, so I actually babysat her a couple of times with my friend. Small world eh? Well, it certainly is up here in the north 😉

Inga Rún's Lopapeysa

Inga Rún's Lopapeysa

Inga Rún's Lopapeysa

Inga Rún's Lopapeysa

Inga Rún's Lopapeysa

Yarn: Single ply unspun Icelandic wool and Einband held together in dark gray and black. Single ply unspun and glitter thread in pale gray held together
Needle: 6mm Knit Picks
Also 6mm crochet hook for finishing
Design is a mix and match of a couple of designs that I matched to her liking
On Ravelry

Since I finished this cardigan, I also finished one for my sister Fanney. I have not been able to get shots of her wearing it though because as soon as it was finished, she grabbed it from my arms (literally) and ran out the door to go camping. But pictures of that one coming soon hopefully!

Right now I am working on the Playful Stripes Cardigan for my daughter Karítas and I am using a beautiful red as the main color. I also have off white, black, green and purple. I think it is going to be really cute when I finish it. Also in the works is a cape for myself as I thought I completely deserved some selfish knitting! I am changing it just a little, adding sleeves to it, or basically just a high ribbing to cover the forearms as I can see myself wearing it a lot once fall/winter get here. Can’t believe that summer is almost over *sigh*


I spent last weekend in beautiful Snæfellsnes at a music festival. It was really fun, great music, incredible people and off course the stunning beauty of the nature.


View from mountain.

Me striking a pose


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2 responses to “Lopapeysa for Inga Rún

  1. Geggjuð peysan og fallegir litirnir.

  2. The layers of ash in the sides of the «mountain» photo and the background of the photo of you posing remind me of the Snake River Plain of Southern and Southeastern Idaho. One of the things I miss most about living in the West is the simple sense of «aloneness» that the emptiness of the landscapes seems to fill. You live in a lovely place, Linda.

    And your needlework and knitting challenges me–I appreciate your quality of workmanship.

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