Something warm for Autumn.

I am one of those persons who is constantly cold. A L W A Y S!!
I often ask myself why I was born way up north, here in Iceland. To look at the good thing about that, it gives me the chance to knit warm and big garments, something that I love. Even though I am a small person, I do like my clothes on the larger side. It just makes them so much more comfortable.
I really needed something to throw over me. Nothing complicated, just warm and stylish. I found this pattern on Ravelry and immediately loved the super simple design of it. I have been knitting it on and off since the end of July and just finished, wearing it already. It is a BORE to knit, but I do love the outcome.

Black Cape - front

Black Cape - back

Black Cape - side

Pattern: #22 Cape by Lana Grossa
Yarn: Gjestal Topp Mohair and Eingirni held together
Needle: 6mm

I can totally see myself wearing this a lot. I choose black, even though I am not very fond of black, because this is something I throw over everything else and black goes with just about everything as we know.


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7 responses to “Something warm for Autumn.

  1. Arndís

    Hún er æðisleg!!!!!!!

  2. Sonja


    Það getur verið svo mikill glæsileiki í einfaldleikanum. En ég get séð að þetta hefur verið frekar þreytandi prjónaskapur. Það er þó stundum gott að hafa ‘mindless knitting’, eitthvað sem maður getur gripið til og þarf ekki að hafa mikið fyrir.

  3. Colleen

    It is beautiful!!! Great knitting as always… ; )

  4. Ooooooh. SO cool! I think I will throw that in my ravelry queue. I am also cold – all the time. My anniversary gift from my hubby was an electric heated blanket for my side of the bed. I turn it on as soon as the temp dips below 60 F.

    Black was a good choice. You are going to get a lot of wear from that thing.

  5. I absolutely love it looks so lovely on you and Iam always cold and love big comfy clothes:) Hugs Darcy/knottyknitter40

  6. Gorgeous knit, well done!

  7. Vá þetta er æðislegt og virkar mjög kósý!

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