Charity knitting

I found out about some charity knitting on Facebook recently, and decided to use up some leftover yarn for tiny little hats for premature babies. Yearly about 6% of Icelandic babies are born before week 37 and the premature baby ward in the National Hospital is one of the best in the world. A woman who had a premature baby decided to ask knitters to knit hats to bring to the ward before Christmas.

So I made three, and will hopefully have time to make some more before Christmas.

Preemie Hats
Needles: 2.5mm
Yarn: Mandarin Petit
Tiny, tinier, tiniest.

I am very busy knitting Christmas gifts these days, so off course there are no pictures available at the moment. I can however amuse you with this one that my daughter Karítas took of me while cooking dinner earlier this week. Nobody can say that I do not make good use of the time I have.

Me knitting in the kitchen
A very typical sight while I make dinner, as long as it is a simple one 🙂


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3 responses to “Charity knitting

  1. Skrambinn, er með of mikinn athyglisbrest til að vera svona fjölhæf 😉
    It’s always good to give when you can, nice hats 🙂

  2. A stool in the kitchen. Brilliant. BRILLIANT! I could eek out a few more moments of knitting.

  3. Those hats are charming, what a good idea! And great picture of you knitting, sometimes I do that too.

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