Christmas Ornament Exchange

I stitched! Can you believe it? And I really enjoyed it! Like, really, REALLY enjoyed it!
I organized a christmas ornament exchange in my stitching group like I do every year and decided to take part in it myself, just to challenge myself to some stitching. I honestly thought that I would maybe not enjoy it, or even not know how to do it anymore (not really, but still!). I decided on something small, but cute. And this is the outcome.

Snow Faces for Bubba

Fabric: 28ct Reflections from Silkweaver
Pattern: Snow Faces by Just Nan
Threads: DMC
Beads: Mill Hill

Cute isn’t it?

I have spent some time going through my blog the past few days. Man, I have really done a lot of stitching. And most of it is pretty damn amazing even if I do say so myself. I miss it. I figured that out while knitting this little thing. So, I am going to stitch at least a little each week (maybe just for a day or something) in 2011. I have SO MUCH STASH! It is heartbreaking to just watch it collect dust in my stash cabinet. I realize that I have to go through it and sort out what I know I will never stitch, but I haven’t had the time or the heart to do so as of yet. I will though, but only after I figure out more about what I want to finish and what not. I looked over this list that I made in September 2008 and most of these projects are still something I want to do. Do you have a project on that list and would fancy a SAL? We could dedicate one day a week to it and post pictures and encourage each other on. Please let me know, I know I need some encouragement at least!

I am not giving up on knitting at all, I would just like to do some stitching also! I really, really do miss it!


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11 responses to “Christmas Ornament Exchange

  1. Guðbjörg Vernharðsdóttir

    Takk innilega fyrir mig. Mér finnst þetta svo rosalega fallegt.

  2. I would love to do a SAL with you stitching «Antique Hearts» Needleroll by Shepherd’s Bush and «And Many More» Needlebook by Just Nan. They look as if they would go together well.

    At one time I went through your entire blog from the beginning to the end–you are right, you have done a lot of stitching–all of it beautiful and more elegant as time has passed.

  3. That ornament is adorable!

    My chart and supplies for Real Roses have been collecting dust for a long time too – you have some offers already for a SAL, but keep it in mind for later in 2011 perhaps?

  4. Colleen

    That is cute!!! Glad to see you stitching again! According to your list, I am sure you will have them done in the year 2011! There is not too many on there…Have fun!

  5. This is so pretty! Welcome back to the stitchy world 🙂

  6. Clare

    I have DT’s real roses all kitted and would be interested in a SAL.

  7. Beautiful ornament. I have DTs Real Roses too. I’ll keep my eye out and maybe tag along too.

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