Two SAL updates

Thanks everyone for the comments and e-mails of support about me stitching more! You guys are amazing!
I started a SAL with Carolyn after my latest post. We are stitching ‘Antique Hearts Needleroll’ by Shepherd’s Bush. Here is my progress.

Antique Hearts
Antique Hearts Needleroll – Shepherd’s Bush

As you may have noticed, I got the wrong lace in my kit. It was supposed to be wider and with hearts on it, but mine was slim and had flowers on it. I don’t mind really, it will just make mine unique 🙂

I am also stitching a small monthly SAL that I started up in my Icelandic stitching group. The group has not been very active lately, and this is an attempt to keep both myself, and other stitchers busy and their needles flying. The rules are pretty simple, it is a monthly SAL, the design has to be relatively small and available as a freebie online. Here is my progress of this little project.

January SAL
Petit Chat by TraLaLa
40ct Raw Linen – 1 over two
Hickory Sticks and Secondhand Rose by Crescent Colours

The pictures are not so good since it is dark most of the time these days and these were taken under my OTT-Lite. The best I could do in these dark filled days really.


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5 responses to “Two SAL updates

  1. What are some of the things you northerners do to combat the doldrums brought on by so much darkness? I’d love to hear.

    • Ugh, I wish I knew! LOL!
      Off course, we are used to it, knowing nothing else. But it does get tiresome, and depressing at times. Especially if the weather is bad also. And what works for one, does maybe not work for another person.

      For me, candles! I light candles almost every day. I try to spend as much time as possible with the people I care about. I listen to my favorite music, watch my favorite movies, read my favorite books, and just remind myself constantly that even if it does not look like it, spring will come again! It is hard when we only get a couple of hours of daylight each day. And especially if the sun is not out at all, which is very common.

      Many people here have it much harder than me, and have to take medicine to cope. I am thankful for my OTT-lite. It really does help!

  2. I don’t envy northerners in this period; heck, it’s dark enough and depressing here in Italy… Your stitching is lovely!

  3. Colleen

    Your stitching is still beautiful, you haven’t lost it!!!

  4. Beautiful stitching, the needleroll will be beautiful

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