Warm knitting

We finally got some snow! I say finally because we have hardly had any snow this winter. There were like maybe 2 or 3 days before Christmas and then nothing. Nada. Just dark and gray. So it has actually been quite fun getting some of the white stuff. White stuff also means some warm knitting. The girls need new mittens and socks so I have been stocking up on some sock yarn and managed to finish Karítas a set of mittens the other day. Here they are:

Mittens for Karítas
Pattern: Basic Four Needle Mittens – Super Fine by Patons
Needle: 3mm
Yarn: Alpaca Select 4 Ply

I am currently knitting her socks from the same yarn that I got 50% off on a sale last week. And I knew she would love that color combo so I bought two skeins of it. One skein is enough for a mitten pair and one sock! That is something that I like!

I also knitted something for myself. I am a shawl/cowl/wrap/scarf lover. If my neck and shoulders are cold, then the rest of me is cold. So I go a bit crazy with the shawl/cowl/wrap/scarf things and prefer to have about 293803598 of them. Give or take.

Long wrapped circle scarf
Pattern: Stockholm Scarf by knittedblissJC
Needle: 6mm
Yarn: Rowan Pure Wool DK

Love love love it and wear it all the time! The pattern was super easy to memorize so this project was the one that I knitted on the bus every day going back and forth from work.  And did I mention that I love it? Super warm and soft and just oh so stylish.


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9 responses to “Warm knitting

  1. the mitts are awesome, and your Stockholm Scarf is gorgeous!! It looks so, so pretty on you. Awesome job!!!

  2. That scarf is so pretty. It looks like it was drawn.

  3. Lovely knitting, congrats!

  4. Sonja

    Geggjaður trefill. Ég vildi að einn svona myndi birtast í höndunum mínum akkurat núna! Agrakadabra simsalabim. Ok, virkaði ekki í þetta sinn

    Skemmtilegir vettlingar, flottir litir.

  5. Jona Valdis

    ekki vill svo til að þú sért með munstrið af stockholm scarf á íslensku ( kann að prjóna en er ekki klár að lesa út úr leiðbeiningum á ensku). Ég yrði mjööööög þakklát 🙂

    kv. Jóna

  6. Nina

    hello! you are a talented knitter. for the cowl, i was able to find the pattern but I am unsure how to start. are the directions written for flat knitting or knitting in the round? if so, how would i convert this somewhat lacey pattern?

  7. Chelsea

    was just wondering if you followed the pattern exactly? was thinking of making it not quite as long (it looks like yours isnt but its hard to tell from the pic)
    she says to cast on 256 knitting in the round and i might cut it down to 216. what do u think?

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