Another pair of socks, and Still Light

So yes, you were right, I have been bitten by the sock bug. Not to worry, I am very happy with it! I whipped up this pair for my older daughter Sumarrós and she loves them. I am also pleased with them, really like this yarn and the color combo of the stripes.

Socks for Sumarrós

Socks for Sumarrós

Pattern: No real pattern, I casted on 50, decreased to 48 after ribbing and did a very basic sock.
Yarn: Novita 7 Veljestä
Needles: 3.5mm

They are a bit big, but I am sure that she will outgrow them in no time. They are soft and warm and have not left her feet since I casted off. Win win!

I have also been working on this incredible dress from Veera VälimäkiStill Light Tunic. I have been wanting to knit it for quite some time now. Had decided on the yarn and the color a while back but was not really in a hurry to knit it as I had plenty of other projects on the never ending to-do list. Then Ístex, the manufacturer of Icelandic wool yarns, announced new colors for Kambgarn and also that some colors would be discontinued. Among the discontinued colors was the one that I had decided on for this project, so off course I went out and bought loads of it, on discount I might add. And well, since I had the yarn and had bought the pattern some time back I decided to start the project. It has been wonderful to knit. At first I thought to myself ‘Oh my, such a big project on 3mm needles, and in stockinette stitch only!!’ But you know what, the pattern is so well written, and so interesting that it is a pure JOY to knit! At least I have not been bored at all! And today I cased of the body and started the sleeves, which I am going to make longer than on the original. And since I casted of the body, that meant that I could finally try it on! So here is a snap!

Still Light Tunic
Pattern: Still Light Tunic by Veera Välimäki
Yarn: Kambgarn color 9640
Needles: 3mm

As you can see I have to finish the sleeves and the pockets. Since this photo was taken, earlier today, I have knitted just over half of the sleeve and plan on finishing it tonight while watching a movie.
I love this tunic so much that I am already planning the next one. At this moment I want to have one in every color I can get my hands on. No joke. It is such a great dress to have during winter!

Veera is fast becoming a favorite designer of mine. I really want to knit her beautiful Stripe Study Shawl next and am already playing around with color combos in my head for it.


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7 responses to “Another pair of socks, and Still Light

  1. Hooray! Another pair of socks.

    Ok. Size 3 needles? Are you kidding me? And to think that I’ve been complaining about size 4 on a much smaller project. Wow. That’s some serious knitting. It’s really pretty. Worth the small needles.

  2. you couldn’t have picked a better colour for that Still Light dress- it’s gorgeous!! the socks are great, too.

  3. Colleen

    Your knitting is so wonderful! You are soo good at it and fast too! I hope one day to knit just like you!!!

  4. What great knitting! I can see how your daughter would fall in love with the socks, they’re fabulous!

  5. Love the dress and the socks too!

  6. Handavinnan þín er alltaf jafn falleg, hvort sem hún er saumuð eða prjónuð !
    Gaman að kíkja í heimsókn :O)
    Kveðja, Jóna

  7. The tunic looks very nice on you and the color is simply wonderful!
    On 3 mm needles does mean a lot of work, but cross stitching surely teaches us patience 🙂

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