I finished Brownstone by Jared Flood and gave it to my good friend Oddur last night when we met at our usual hangout, Kaffibarinn. I was there for a meeting since next Saturday is a celebration day there called Humar-Sumar (would translate as Lobster Summer) when we serve lobster, shrimps and other food, and off course some beer for friends and steady customers and passers by. It happens every year and is always just wonderful. It is the bar’s way of giving a little back to it’s faithful friends. Since I am in the Women Society of the place (they also have a men’s choir and a men’s society) we had a meeting about the planning of next Saturday’s clothes theme, make up theme, decorations etc. And Oddur stopped by to pick up his new sweater. He was super happy with it, and so was I. It fits him really well.



Pattern: Brownstone by Jared Flood
Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed Aran
Needles: US 7 – 4.5 mm & US 8 – 5.0 mm

Today was the last day of school for Sumarrós. Summer is coming, even though it does not feel much like summer yet. Karítas is finishing play-school and starting school this fall.  These kids grow up way to fast! We have some plans for summer, but most of it is unplanned as of yet. We are probably going to Denmark for some time and are very excited about that. Ok, back to work! Busy day today as it is pay day!


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8 responses to “Graystone

  1. ooh, it turned out so well!! Looks fantastic on him.

  2. Cool pullover!
    I really like the color and the bottoms.
    It looks great on your friend :þ

  3. Super cool, hip and mod! Love the sweater. I haven’t heard of this celebration. I’ll have to ask the hubby if he’s ever heard of it. It sounds like fun! I hope you post about it.

    We will be traveling around the States this summer but we hope to get back to Iceland next summer. We’ll see.

    • Oh man, next summer then? 🙂
      It is not a common thing to know about this festival, it is basically just known among the people that frequent that particular bar haha! I will be taking photos for sure!

  4. Ótúlega flott, heppinn vinur og sniðug kvennfélgas hugmynd 🙂

  5. heppinn Oddur, ekkert smá fín peysa!

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