Very Pink Kalajoki Socks

I love these socks, even though I made a mistake on the left sock, I still love them. I didn’t notice the stupid mistake until I was almost finished with the sock and there was no way that I was going to frog the whole thing and start over, so I just winged it and finished it. And they are pretty and pink and warm and do their job of warming feet pretty damn well.

They were a gift to my x-MIL and she loves them.

Very Pink Kalajoki

Very Pink Kalajoki
Pattern: Kalajoki by Tiina Seppälä
Needles: US 2½ – 3.0 mm
Yarn: Chinese Wool

My new job is going great. Been there for about 3 weeks now and I love it. I got myself an iPhone as a “omgyayihaveanewjob” gift and I love it. My favorite app is Instagram and Stitch Minder (great for keeping count on your rows!). I have a set on flickr with my instagram photos if you want to check them out here. And here is one of my favorite photos, I took it this Saturday morning of me and the girls. I loooove lazy Saturdays with my girls. Best. Ever.

Nice Saturday morning <3


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2 responses to “Very Pink Kalajoki Socks

  1. It´s not a mistake. It´s a design element.

  2. OH, and the color is just in time for Valentine’s Day. Beautiful.

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