Random bits & pieces

I am trying to get back into the swing with this blog. I made a decision on Friday that I would blog every Sunday for now, and whenever I feel like it, but at least every Sunday. Even if I don’t have some knitting/stitching/crochet to share, I will always have some pictures since I am always taking them, at least with my iPhone and the Instagram app.

So here is a little something, some of my favorites, from the past week or so. If you want to follow me on Instagram, my username is litlaskvis.

New #crochet project. #blanket for Karítas.
A crochet bed spread I am making for Karítas. She picked the pink and off white one and I picked the grey and brown one. I love this color combo and this is the perfect project while watching a movie.

Birthday balloons!
Karítas with some balloons. Don’t balloons make everyone happy?

Hallgrímskirkja. One of the most famous landmarks here in Reykjavík.

Work and home work
Me working, the girls doing home work for school. Sometimes it is amazing to be able to take work home when I need to.

Cousins ❤
My cousin Adrían and my daughter Sumarrós. They adore each other and are such good friends.

#autumn #color #red #yellow #tree #iceland #reykjavik

#red #reykjavik #autumn #white #fence #iceland #fall

#autumn #fall #red #tree #reykjavik #yellow #green #iceland #path
Autumn has arrived with it’s amazing colors. I love this season!

Mini me ❤
Sumarrós. Who is looking more and more like me every day.

A visit to one of my favorite #yarnstore in #reykjavik #iceland #yarn #knitting #crochet
I visited one of my favorite yarn stores this week, Litla Prjónabúðin. Such pretty yarns and the customer service is amazing.

A little something for myself after a very productive day #book #crochet
Off course I did not walk out empty handed. I love that book! And the hand lotion is incredible and a must for the cold weather and dry hands that I seem to suffer from as soon as the weather gets colder.

I do have two new knitting finishes, but they are gifts and I will post photos when I have gifted them. Until later.

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  1. Hi, it will be lovely to follow your Sunday posts 🙂 Your girls are growing so fast… The bedspread is lovely, and so are your pictures of the autumn colours. Nice buys too.

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